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Dedications and Acknowledgements

This project is dedicated to the memory of Al and Celia Arker

Additional Thanks:

There are obviously a lot of people who have contributed to this project; perhaps most importantly, I feel obligated to thank the authors who wrote the books that inspired this work. Without them, an entire interesting branch of literature simply wouldn't exist. I am also grateful to all the teachers who have encouraged me and given me the tools necessary to build a work like this; reaching this point has required a critical appreciation of literature, an understanding of database design and web programming, careful thinking about the organization of information, and a variety of other skills for which I likely owe someone thanks. Last but not least, I owe thanks to everyone who has helped me to discover books that I wasn't already aware of or answered my numerous online queries.

Here are specific names, in alphabetical order: David Amis, Andrea Angiolino, David Archwamety, Kevin Aycock, Sebastian Pozzi Azzaro, Mikael Backlund, Stephane Bechard, Guillermo Belziti, Bigcobra, Andrew Black, Bjorn Brostrom, Nicholas Campbell, Ilhan Citak, Robert Clay, Alexis Cole, Sebastien Coquery, Tiffany Cory, Steve Dahlskog, Brett Easterbrook, Jeff Eppnebach, Bob Evans, Sergey F., Fly, Roberto Gaiba, Jim Gasperini, Oscar Gracia, Joe Grocott-James, Jim Groom, Lars Wagner Hansen, Edward J. Hennessy, Will Hirsch, Alan Homola, José Humberto Mesquita Filho, Angel Igov, Ed Jolley, Per Jorner, Job de Kogel, Felix Kwan, Garett Lepper, Rick Loomis, Frederic Martinoty, Henning Maruhn, Paul Mason, Kenichi Miwa, Moloch's Gamebook Garden contributors, Ian Nowell, Falk Nussbaum, Tommi A. Ojanperä, Simon Osborne, Guillermo Paredes, Carlos Perez, Mark J. Popp (and the contributors), Gwyan Rhabyt, Nicolau Rodrigues, Justin Thomas Sampson, Gunther Schmidl, Brian W. Seals, Lukasz Sewastianik, Ali Shaker, Jason Shiga, Nick Smith, Jorgen Stoevne, Thorsten Thielen, Aaron W. Thorne, Andrew Tumber, Aaron M. Turiello, Rafael Velasco Umpierrez, Peter Upton, Jim Vassilakos, Gary S. Watkins, Ed Webb, Ingmar Wennerberg, Brian (WIZARDBWS) and Zoleeka from Hungary.

This list of thanks is not comprehensive -- since starting my database, I have begun attaching notes of thanks to the database records that they apply to. If you don't see your name here, try looking up the information you helped me with; you should be there. If not, I apologize -- contact me ( and I'll correct the oversight.