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Series - The World of Lone Wolf

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Publishers: Beaver Books -- United Kingdom
Berkley (Pacer imprint) -- United States
Project Aon -- Internet
Categories: Complexity Level : Advanced (Full Game System)
Format : Paperback
Format : Web Page
Game System : Character Advancement
Game System : Combat
Game System : Inventory Management
Game System : Magic
Game System : Randomization Method : In Book
Game System : Scores
Game System : Skill Selection
Genre : Fantasy
Product Family : Lone Wolf
Target Age Group : Older Children
Writing Style : Present Tense
Writing Style : Second Person
Translated Into: Astre d'Or (French)
Ensamma Vargens värld (Swedish)
Oberon (Italian)
Silberstern der Magier (German)

This spin-off of the Lone Wolf series takes place in the southern part of the land of Magnamund and allows the reader to take the role of Grey Star, a mysterious young wizard who must eventually battle the evil Wytch-king Shasarak. The books feature a game system nearly identical to that of their parent series, except that in place of Lone Wolf's Kai Disciplines, Grey Star uses Magical Powers, and these powers drain points from a new attribute, Willpower. Combat, the need for food, and inventory management remain unchanged, though one of the Magical Powers, Alchemy, gives the reader access to an herb pouch that can store certain small items in addition to those kept in the backpack. There is some character advancement during the four-book story arc, though new skills are not gained between books two and three.

The series was reprinted in a hardcover Collector's Edition starting in 2017.


1. Grey Star the Wizard
2. The Forbidden City
3. Beyond the Nightmare Gate
4. War of the Wizards

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User Comments

The World of Lone Wolf series is a four-book spinoff from the main series, Lone Wolf. You take up the role of Grey Star, a young magician, in his quest to find the legendary Moonstone and defeat the evil Shadakine Empire.

A new attibute of Willpower is introduced, and this is what powers your skills, magical powers instead of innate Kai abilities. As a magician, your forte isn't physical fighting, but rather magical and often long range. The books take place in the southern continent in the world of Magnamund, a place not visited by Lone Wolf.


This series, a spin-off from the popular Lone Wolf series, involves a continuing plot in which you play the orphaned young wizard, Grey Star, in a battle against an evil empire which controls the land.

In addition to having a relatively interesting plotline, it contains what is my favourite combat system in any gamebook. Not overly complicated, it relies on a combat chart and willpower points. As a result, the combats tend to be short, brutal and fun, in contrast to the long drawn-out dice rolling of most other series, such as Fighting Fantasy.

I would also mention that this series has my favourite system of magic in any book (gamebook or otherwise). By dividing the disciplines into 7 magic types, such as Sorcery for invisible forces, Enchantments for mind magic, Evocation for communication with the dead, Alchemy for brewing potions, etc, it makes magic feel both more logical and more mysterious. Rather than learning random spells, each discipline has distinct features.

Having now read them all, my favourite is either the first book, for introducing the world and characters, but it is impossibly difficult, or Book 3, which is probably the most fun and has the return of a fun character.

Overall, the only pity is that the series didn't continue on past the four books.


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