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1 on 1 Adventure Gamebooks

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2300 AD

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Abandon All Hope
Ace of Aces
Advanced Dungeons & Dragons
Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Adventure Gamebooks
Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Coloring Album
Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Novels
Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Third-Party Products
Adventure Gaming
The Adventure is Yours!
Adventure Paths
Adventure Quest
Adventure Time
Adventure Time: Which Way, Dude?
Adventuregame Comics
Adventures in the Rain Forest
The Adventures of Flinx of the Commonwealth
Adventures of Goldhawk
The Adventures of You Series
Adventures on Tékumel
Agent 13 Novels
Agents of SMERSH
Agile Adventures
Alien Adventures
Alternative Storyline Pathways
Amazing Stories
The American Girl
Ancient Odysseys: Treasure Awaits!
Animorphs Alternamorphs
Arcade Explorers
Ariona: The Bounty Hunter
Aschkalon: An Interactive Adventure for German Learners
Autoduel Quarterly
Avalon Solo Adventures

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Bakugan Battle Brawlers Chapter Books
Barbarians, Booze, & Battle Axes!
Bard's Tale Novels
Basic Role-Playing
Batman Role-Playing Game
Batman: The Brave and the Bold
Battletech Novels
Battletech Science Fiction Combat Books
Be an Interplanetary Spy
Be Your Own Duck Commander
Beginning to Read
Behind Closed Doors
Beyond the Labyrinth
Big Night Out
Billy Acres
Birthright Novels
Blackstone's Magic Adventure
Blackstone's Magical Adventure
Blades & Wizardry
The Book of Wizardry
Boot Hill
Bounty Hunter
Boy Shopping
Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Stake Your Destiny
Build Your Own...
Bureau 13 Novels
The Bytes Brothers

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Call of Cthulhu
Camp Cheer
Can You Solve the Mystery?
Can You Survive the Zombie Apocalypse?
Car Warriors
Car Warriors Novels
Car Wars
Car Wars Adventure Gamebooks
Career Adventures
Carmen Sandiego
Case Closed
Castles of Imagination
Catacombs Solo Quest
Catch-a-Crook Adventure
Charlie Choicemaker Chooses...
Children's Problem Solving Books
Chip Mitchell
Choose the Ending
Choose the Fate of Apollo 13
Choose the Right
Choose Your Boyfriend: Date Him or Dump Him
Choose Your Destiny
Choose Your Destiny: Star Wars
Choose Your Doom!
Choose Your Fairy Tale
Choose Your Own Adventure (1979-1998)
Choose Your Own Adventure (2005-)
Choose Your Own Adventure (Bad Publisher Books)
Choose Your Own Adventure - Dragonlarks
Choose Your Own Adventure - iPod Downloads
Choose Your Own Adventure - Passport
Choose Your Own Adventure - Promotional
Choose Your Own Adventure - Space Hawks
Choose Your Own Adventure - The Golden Path
Choose Your Own Adventure - Walt Disney
Choose Your Own Adventure - Young Indiana Jones Chronicles
Choose Your Own Adventure Board Games
Choose Your Own Adventure for Younger Readers
Choose Your Own Adventure Interactive Movies
Choose Your Own Adventure Software Series
Choose Your Own Adventure Super Adventure
Choose Your Own Adventure: Stranger Things
Choose Your Own Adventure: Your First Adventure
Choose Your Own Career Adventure
Choose Your Own Clark Adventures
Choose Your Own Ending
Choose Your Own Epic
Choose Your Own Ever After
Choose Your Own Fate
Choose Your Own Fate
Choose Your Own Horrible History
Choose Your Own Mind-Fuck Fest
Choose Your Own Misadventure
Choose Your Own Misery
Choose Your Own Nightmare (1995-1997)
Choose Your Own Nightmare (2014-)
Choose Your Own Nightmare (Multipath Adventures)
Choose Your Own ROFLCon
Choose Your Own Star Wars Adventure
Choose Your Path
Choose Your Path Sports Books
Choose Your Path!
Choose-Your-Fate Adventure Books
Choose-Your-Own-Solutions Guidebooks for Parents
Chooseomatic Books
Click Your Poison
Club Penguin Pick Your Path
Clue Jr.
Coach Your Own Football Team
Coded Chronicles
Combat Command
Combat Heroes
Commander Kellie and the Superkids
Compass Raiders
A Complete Role-Playing Game
Computer Adventures
Confidentially Yours
Countdown to Danger: Choose Your Own Ending
Create Your Own Erotic Fantasy
Creating Adventure Games on Your Computer
Crossroads Adventures
Cthulhu Chronicles: Investigations in Lovecraft Country
Cyberswine (Multipath Adventures)
Cyborg Commando

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D6 Adventure
D6 Fantasy
D6 Space
Danger International
Dangerous Worlds
Dark Matter Novels
Dark Sun Novels
Darksword Novels
Date with Destiny Adventures
DC Heroes
DC Universe Roleplaying Game
Dealing with Feelings
The Death Gate Cycle Novels
Decide Your Fate
Decide Your Own Adventure
The Decision is Yours
Demi the Demoness
Dicing with Dragons
Different Worlds
Digital Detectives Mysteries
Dinosaur World Gamebooks
Disney Adventures
Disney/Pixar Inside Out: You Decide the Ending!
Do-It-Yourself Jewish Adventure Series
Doctor Who
Doctor Who: Target Books (American Reprints)
DOOM Novels
Double Agent Novels
Double Diamond Triangle Saga
Dr. Quicksolve Mini-Mysteries
Dragon Dice Novels
Dragon Lore Series
Dragon Magazine
Dragon Pathways
The DragonCrown War Cycle Novels
Dragonlance Novels
Dragonology Pocket Adventures
The Dream Palace
Dream Your Own Romance
Dungeonier Digest
Dungeons & Dragons
Dungeons & Dragons (4th edition)
Dungeons & Dragons Cartoon Show Books
Dungeons & Dragons Interactive Movies
Dungeons & Dragons Miniatures Game
Dungeons & Dragons Novels
Dungeons & Dragons Novels: The Penhaligon Trilogy
Dungeons & Dragons Third-Party Products
Dungeons to Dominions
Dwarfstar Games

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Earth 2 Choose Your Own Journey
Earth Inspectors
Earthdawn Novels
East African Adventures
Eastgate Hypertext Fiction
Eclipse Graphic Novels
Elder Tunnels
Elige tu propia aventura (1981)
Elige tu propia aventura (Editorial Terracota, 2007-)
Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine Game
Encyclopedia Brown
Endless Quest
Endless Quest Books: Crimson Crystal Adventures
Endless Quest Reissues
Epic Adventure Game Books
Escape Book
Escape from a Video Game
Escape from Tenopia
Escape from the Kingdom of Frome
Escape This Book!
Exalted Novels

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Fabled Lands
Fabled Worlds
Fabulous Terrible: The Adventures of You
Fantastic Adventures
Fantasy Forest
Fantasy Hero Gamebooks
The Fantasy Trip (original release)
The Fantasy Trip (re-release)
Fighting Fantasy (1982-1995, Puffin)
Fighting Fantasy (2002-2007, Wizard Books Series 1)
Fighting Fantasy: d20 System
Find Your (Unfortunate) Fate
Find Your Fate
Find Your Fate - Doctor Who
Find Your Fate - G. I. Joe
Find Your Fate - Jem
Find Your Fate - Random House
Find Your Fate Junior - Golden Girl
Find Your Fate Junior - The Transformers
Find Your Way
Find Yourself Inside
Five-Minute Mysteries
Follow Your Fates
Follow Your Heart (2006)
Follow Your Heart (2014-)
Follow Your Heart Romance
Forgotten Forest
Forgotten Realms Novels
Freeway Warrior

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Gabriel Knight Novels
Game Boy
Gaming Frontiers
Geography Quest
Ghost Adventure Games
Ghostbusters International
Girls About Town
Give Yourself Goosebumps
Give Yourself Goosebumps Special Edition
God Allows U-Turns for Youth: You Decide What Happens
Golden Dragon Fantasy Gamebooks
Grampa Barmo Presents...
Grampa Barmo's Discount Game Magazine
Graphic Novel Adventures
Graphic Novel Adventures: Sherlock Holmes: Baker Street Irregulars
Graphic Novel Adventures: The Crusoe Crew
Gravity Angels (Multipath Adventures)
Gravity Falls "Select Your Own Choose-Venture"
Greyhawk Novels
Grim Reaper

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Hanako Games
Have It Your Way
Heads or Tails
Hercules and Xena
Hero's Challenge: Sagard the Barbarian
History Quest
The Hobbit Hole
Hocus & Pocus
Hook Up or Break Up

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Ice Age Novels
Indiana Jones Role-Playing Game
Infocom Novels
Interactive Business Games
Interactive Connect-the-Dots Adventures
Interactive Mysteries
Interactive Mystery Novels
Intruder II: The Next Dimension
Inz Interactive Novels
Iron Dragons
Iron Magicians
The Isotopes
It's Your Call

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James Bond 007
John F. Antal's Tactical Books
John Speir's Puzzle Masters
Journey to the Center of the Earth 3D: Choose Your Own Journey
Junior Worlds of Power Novels
Jupiter's Glory Gamebooks
Just Make a Choice!

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Kids Can Choose
Kim Possible: Pick a Villain
King Arthur
King's Quest Novels
Kingdom of Loathing
Knights Club
Knights of the Dinner Table
Knights of Torbalia
Knuckleduster Interactive Western Adventures
Kobolds Ate My Baby!

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Lara Croft: Tomb Raider Novels
The Last Book
Lazer Tag Adventures
Legend of the Five Rings Novels
Legendary Journeys
Legends of Lone Wolf (Berkley, 1990-1991)
Legends of the Ancient World
Legends of the Untamed West
Legends of Time and Space
Lego Action Maze Books
The Lego Batman Movie: Build Your Own Story
Lego Puzzle Storybooks
Lego Star Wars
Life's Lottery
The Lightbringer Trilogy
Living Adventure Books
Lobo's Greatest Hits
Lone Wolf (1984-1998)
Lone Wolf and Cub Game
Lone Wolf Multiplayer Game Book
Lone Wolf: Chronicles of Magnamund Novels
Lord of the Rings Adventure Game
Lose Your Own Adventure
Lost in Austen: Create Your Own Jane Austen Adventure
Lost World: Jurassic Park Role-Playing Game Book
Lost Worlds Fantasy Combat Books
Lost: Can You Survive?

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Mage Knight Novels
Magic Micro Adventure
The Magic Road
Magic: The Gathering Novels
The Magnamund Companion
Make a Simple Wish of Your Very Own
Make Believe It's You
Make It Happen
Make Your Dreams Come True
Make Your Own Adventure
Making Choices
Manage Your Own Baseball Team
Marvel Super Heroes
Marvel Super Heroes Adventure Gamebooks (American)
Maths Quest
Mechwarrior Novels
Mechwarrior: Dark Age Novels
Meet Me at the Fair
Mercenaries, Spies, and Private Eyes
Micro Adventure
Middle-earth Quest
Middle-earth Role Playing
The Midnight Legion
Miscellaneous Works by A. J. Lauer and Daniel P. Keidl
Miscellaneous Works by A. K. Forest
Miscellaneous Works by Adam Carter
Miscellaneous Works by Alan Dean Foster
Miscellaneous Works by Andrea Angiolino
Miscellaneous Works by Charles A. F. King
Miscellaneous Works by Charlie McCarthy
Miscellaneous Works by Christian Kindschy
Miscellaneous Works by Christopher Manson
Miscellaneous Works by Colin Webster
Miscellaneous Works by Craig Earl
Miscellaneous Works by Dale M. Brethower
Miscellaneous Works by Dan Shamir
Miscellaneous Works by Daniel McCoy
Miscellaneous Works by Doris Webster and Mary Alden Hopkins
Miscellaneous Works by Edward Gorey
Miscellaneous Works by Falko Kötter
Miscellaneous Works by Garth Nix
Miscellaneous Works by Geavonnie Frazier
Miscellaneous Works by Ilyse Mimoun
Miscellaneous Works by J. S. Quast
Miscellaneous Works by Jacob Dean and Maggie DiRenzo
Miscellaneous Works by Jennifer and John Robinson
Miscellaneous Works by Jo Cadwallader
Miscellaneous Works by Julio Cortázar
Miscellaneous Works by Kathy I. Turner
Miscellaneous Works by Kevin Brockmeier
Miscellaneous Works by Kim Newman
Miscellaneous Works by Kitty Curran and Larissa Zageris
Miscellaneous Works by Lawrence Schick
Miscellaneous Works by Leslie Turek
Miscellaneous Works by Miguel Ángel García and Adrian Benatar
Miscellaneous Works by Neil Patrick Harris
Miscellaneous Works by Nicholas Bourbaki
Miscellaneous Works by Nicholas Gauthier
Miscellaneous Works by P. F. Kozak
Miscellaneous Works by Paul Adshead
Miscellaneous Works by Paul Partington
Miscellaneous Works by Prince Leopold Loewenstein and William Gerhardi
Miscellaneous Works by Robert DuValle
Miscellaneous Works by Rose Estes
Miscellaneous Works by Rudolf Kerkhoven and Daniel Pitts
Miscellaneous Works by Sarah Wendell and Candy Tan
Miscellaneous Works by Shon Richards
Miscellaneous Works by Stuart and Donna Paltrowitz
Miscellaneous Works by T. M. Grundner, Ed. D.
Miscellaneous Works by the Oulipo
Miscellaneous Works by Thorin N. Tatge
Miscellaneous Works by Walton D. Stowell II
Miscellaneous Works by Zoot Sax
Miscellaneous Works Published by Perfect Day Publishing
Miss Adventure
The Monkey God's Curse
Multiple Ending Stories
Multiple-Ending Bible Adventures
Mutant Chronicles Novels
Mutants & Masterminds
My First Adventure
My Little Pony: Equestria Girls: Make Your Own Magic
Myst Novels
Mystara Novels
Mystic Knights of Tir na Nog
Mythweaver Solitaire

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Nancy Drew Puzzle Books
Nancy Drew/Hardy Boys Be a Detective Mystery Series
Narnia Solo Games
Nintendo Adventure Books
Nintendo Power

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Once Upon... 1001 Stories
One Minute Mysteries
One Way Out Novel
Operation WetFish, Vampire Detective Gamebooks
Oracle System

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Paranoia Novels
Participatory Mystery
Party of One
Pathfinder Roleplaying Game
Paths of Doom
The Penguins of Madagascar Pick Your Path
Perfect Dark Novels
Pick Your Own Dream Date
Planescape Novels
Plants vs. Zombies
Plants vs. Zombies Graphic Novels
Play-It-Your-Way Sports Books
Playmark Book Games
Plot-It-Yourself - A-Team
Plot-It-Yourself - Love Boat
Plot-It-Yourself - Magnum, P.I.
Plot-It-Yourself Adventure Stories
Plot-Your-Own Adventure Stories
Plot-Your-Own Horror Stories
Pokémon Chapter Books
Pop-Up Whodunit
The Powerpuff Girls Plus You Club
Pretty Little Mistakes
Prime Directive
Proteus Books Novels
Puzzle Storybooks

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QADD: Quick and Dirty Dungeons
QAGS: Quick Ass Game System
Quest: A Time of Heroes

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Race Against Time Novels (US)
Ral Partha Miniatures
The Rangers of Taradoin
Ravenloft Novels
Real Life Gamebooks
Relic Worlds: Pick Your Path
The Ren and Stimpy Special (American)
Resident Evil Novels
Ring Quest
Rising Phoenix Games Solo Adventures
Risus: The Anything RPG
Rivers of London: The Roleplaying Game
A Road Less Traveled
A Road Less Traveled
Robo Force
Role Aids
RollerCoaster Tycoon
Rose of the Prophet Novels
Rubik's Quest
Runesword Novels

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Saga of the Lost Lands Novels
Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal
Savage Realms Gamebooks
Savage Realms: The Legorian Kings Saga
Save the Fair Maiden
Scarthey, University of the Arcane: Choose Your Destiny
Scenarios: Interactive Fiction for Girls
Scene of the Crime
Science Quest
Scooby-Doo and You: Collect the Clues Mysteries
Scooby-Doo! Case Files
Scream Shop Pick Your Path
The Secret Files of Dakota King
Sexuality Decision-Making Series for Teens
Shadowrun Novels
Sheriff Grizzly Gamebooks
Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective
Sherlock Holmes Solo Mysteries
Shinté Warrior Series
Shooting Star Comics Anthology
Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri Novels
Die sieben Schwerter Lerons
Silhouette Romance
Simon Kest
Sniper! Adventure Gamebooks
Solitaire Tic-Tac-Toe
Solve It Yourself
Solve-the-Puzzles Adventure Tales
Sonic the Hedgehog: American Novels
Sorcerer's Apprentice
The Sorcerer's Scrolls
Space Quest Novel
Spelljammer Novels: The Cloakmaster Cycle
Sports Illustrated for Kids: Play Book!
Sports Illustrated for Kids: You Call the Play
STAKE: A Game of Horror & Intrigue
Star Challenge
Star Drive Novels
Star Frontiers
Star of the Guardians Novels
Star Trek: The Adventure Game
Star Wars - The Clone Wars: Decide Your Destiny (American)
Star Wars Adventure Journal
Star Wars Adventures
Star Wars Episode I Adventures
Star Wars Gamer
Star Wars Missions
Star Wars Role-Playing Game
Star Wars Solitaire Adventures
Star Wars: X-Wing Novels
Starfire Novels
Starlight Adventures
Starting Up
Stepping into the Bible
Story Thieves
Strive to Survive
Sugarcane Island
Sum-Way Books
Super Eye Adventure
Super Powers Which Way Books
Super Sleuth
Survive Your Own Adventure
Sweet Agatha

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T&T Adventures Japan
Tales of Quahnarren
Tales of the Arabian Nights
The Taran Trilogy
Team Leadership
Tékumel Novels
Temple Run: Run for Your Life
Terror T.R.A.X.
The Texture of the Sky
The Maze of Games
The Temple on Terilek Prime
Time Machine
Time Traveler
Tiny Toon Adventures
To the Magical Pond
Tower of Elbrith
Tower of Indomitable Circumstance
Traveller: Twilight Sector
Trial of the Clone
Tricky Journeys
Trio: Rebels in the New World
TSR Books
Tunnels and Trolls
Tunnels and Trolls
Tunnels and Trolls / Golden d20 Dual System
Tunnels and Trolls: Alligator
Tunnels and Trolls: Bolt Thrower Press
Tunnels and Trolls: Dragon Tree Press
Tunnels and Trolls: Eposic
Tunnels and Trolls: Infinity Limited
Tunnels and Trolls: Judges Guild
Tunnels and Trolls: Khaghbboommm Press
Tunnels and Trolls: Mini Solo
Tunnels and Trolls: Necropolis of Vaarh
Tunnels and Trolls: Outlaw Press
Tunnels and Trolls: Peryton Publishing
Tunnels and Trolls: The Crown of Klade
Tunnels and Trolls: Trollhalla Press
Tunnels and Trolls: Trollish Delver Games
Turning Points
TutorText: Doubleday Series
TutorText: Educational Science Division Series
Twisted Journeys
Twisted Tales
Two-Fisted Fantasy

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Ultima Novels
Ultimate Ending
Unbelievably Simple Roleplaying (USR)
Uncle Grandpa

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Virtual Murder
VOR: The Maelstrom Novels

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Watchers Novels
The Way of the Tiger
What If Books
What If...
What Would You Do?
Whatever You Want
Which Way Books
Which Way Secret Door Books
Which Way?
White Wolf
Wing Commander Novels
Wing Commander: Movie Universe Novels
Witherwind Games Solo Adventures
Wizards, Warriors & You
World of Aden: Thunderscape Novels
World of Darkness Novels
The World of Indiana Jones
The World of Lone Wolf
Worlds of Power Novels
Worst-Case Scenario Ultimate Adventure
WWE Pick Your Path

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Xanth Novels
Xbox Novels

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You Are Deadpool
You Are Spider-Man
You Are the Classics
You Are the Coach
You Are the Star
You Are the Star of a Muppet Adventure
You Are There
You Are There Bible Adventures
You Be the Detective
You Be the Jury
You Can Be the Stainless Steel Rat
You Choose: Batman
You Choose: Chilling Interactive Adventures
You Choose: Could You Survive?
You Choose: Fractured Fairy Tales
You Choose: Interactive Battlefield Adventures
You Choose: Interactive Doomsday Adventures
You Choose: Interactive Espionage Adventures
You Choose: Interactive History Adventures
You Choose: Interactive Mythological Adventures
You Choose: Interactive Survival Adventures
You Choose: Justice League
You Choose: Scooby-Doo
You Choose: Superman
You Choose: Wonder Woman
You-Solve-It Mysteries
Your AMAZING Adventures
Your First Adventure

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Zebra Mystery Puzzlers
Zombie Death Town