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Give Yourself Goosebumps

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Publisher:Scholastic -- United States
Categories:Complexity Level : Basic (No Game System)
Complexity Level : Intermediate (Some Game Elements)
Format : Paperback
Game System : Inventory Management
Game System : Randomization Method : Coins
Game System : Randomization Method : In Book
Game System : Visual Puzzles
Genre : Horror
Licensed Property : Novel Tie-In
Target Age Group : Older Children
Writing Style : Present Tense
Writing Style : Second Person
Translated Into:Chair de poule extra (French)
En busca de tus pesadillas (Spanish)
Gänsehaut (German)
Piccoli brividi (Italian)
Uzhastiki 2 [Ужастики 2] (Russian)

After the monumental success of R. L. Stine's Goosebumps children's horror novels, this interactive spin-off was created. Stine was no stranger to gamebooks, and many of these adventures are similar in feel to the earlier Twistaplot series, being relatively straightforward branching-plot novels occasionally enlivened by a puzzle or gimmicky choice. Although all of the books are credited to R. L. Stine, it seems likely that many were ghostwritten by other authors, since style and quality varies wildly from book to book. All of the plots are rather silly, but some adventures have surprisingly sophisticated game design while others are comparatively amateurish and directionless. The first twenty-two adventures were released with colorful prismatic patterns on the front, but the remainder of the series had more traditional (and presumably less expensive) covers. The series spawned one spin-off: Give Yourself Goosebumps Special Edition, which contained some books featuring more complex gameplay mechanisms.


     Give Yourself Goosebumps Books #1-#4


     1. Escape from the Carnival of Horrors
     2. Tick Tock, You're Dead
     3. Trapped in Bat Wing Hall
     4. The Deadly Experiments of Dr. Eeek
     5. Night in Werewolf Woods
     6. Beware of the Purple Peanut Butter
     7. Under the Magician's Spell
     8. The Curse of the Creeping Coffin
     9. The Knight in Screaming Armor
     10. Diary of a Mad Mummy
     11. Deep in the Jungle of Doom
     12. Welcome to the Wicked Wax Museum
     13. Scream of the Evil Genie
     14. The Creepy Creations of Professor Shock
     15. Please Don't Feed the Vampire
     16. Secret Agent Grandma
     17. Little Comic Shop of Horrors
     18. Attack of the Beastly Baby-Sitter
     19. Escape from Camp Run-For-Your-Life
     20. Toy Terror: Batteries Included
     21. The Twisted Tale of Tiki Island
     22. Return to the Carnival of Horrors
     23. Zapped in Space
     24. Lost in Stinkeye Swamp
     25. Shop Till You Drop...Dead!
     26. Alone in Snakebite Canyon
     27. Checkout Time at the Dead-End Hotel
     28. Night of a Thousand Claws
     29. Invaders from the Big Screen
     30. You're Plant Food
     31. The Werewolf of Twisted Tree Lodge
     32. It's Only a Nightmare!
     33. It Came from the Internet
     34. Elevator to Nowhere
     35. Hocus-Pocus Horror
     36. Ship of Ghouls
     37. Escape from Horror House
     38. Into the Twister of Terror
     39. Scary Birthday to You!
     40. Zombie School
     41. Danger Time
     42. All-Day Nightmare

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