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Choice Adventures

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Categories:Complexity Level : Basic (No Game System)
Format : Paperback
Genre : Adventure
Genre : Contemporary Fiction
Genre : Mystery
Genre : Religious Fiction
Target Age Group : Older Children

This series, written in the third person, follows the adventures of the Ringers, a group of Christian children. Unlike the vast majority of books of this type, the stories begin without any explanatory material suggesting that reading the stories from cover to cover would be unwise.


     1. The Mysterious Old Church
     2. The Smithsonian Connection
     3. The Underground Railroad
     4. The Rain Forest Mission
     5. The Quarterback Sneak
     6. The Monumental Discovery
     7. The Abandoned Gold Mine
     8. The Hazardous Homestead
     9. The Tall Ship Shakedown
     10. The Class Project Showdown
     11. The Silverlake Stranger
     12. The Counterfeit Collection
     13. Mountain Bike Mayhem
     14. The Mayan Mystery
     15. Appalachian Ambush
     16. The Overnight Ordeal

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