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Lost Worlds Fantasy Combat Books

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Publishers:1% Inspiration Games -- United States
Emithill -- United Kingdom
Flying Buffalo -- United States
Greysea -- United States
Nova Game Designs -- United States
Nutmeg Games -- United States
Categories:Complexity Level : Advanced (Full Game System)
Format : Paperback
Game System : Character Advancement
Game System : Combat
Game System : Inventory Management
Game System : Magic
Game System : Multiple Players Supported
Game System : Scores
Genre : Fantasy
Genre : Humor
Product Family : Lost Worlds
Target Age Group : Adults
Target Age Group : Teenagers
Writing Style : Visual
Translated Into:Lost Worlds (Japanese)

These visual combat books, a successor to Ace of Aces, each represent a fantasy warrior. The books are all compatible with one another, so any two fighters can face off; however, there is no guarantee that the fight will be fair, as some characters are much tougher than others. To play, two people each choose a character, taking the character sheet for that character and giving the corresponding books to their opponents. Each character sheet provides some basic statistics (height, body points and attacks) and lists all of the moves that a player's character may make. Each turn, the players choose their moves and call them out to each other. By cross-referencing these moves with their own in the books they are holding and then turning the page, players are then given a picture of their opponent's current position along with an indication of whether or not a wound has been scored and restrictions on the next turn’s moves. Wounds are subtracted from body points, and when a character runs out of body points, it is defeated. Experience points are awarded to the victor, and in campaign play, it is possible for characters to grow in strength over time.

Over the years, a variety of gimmicks have been added to make the game more interesting. Some characters can cast spells or perform other special actions represented by cards. The earliest cards were included with certain books or sold in separate packages. Later books even include randomly inserted collectible cards representing spells, equipment and special moves which may be used to even up battles between poorly matched opponents or simply spice up battles. Some of these cards were also sold in special packs. There were also some kits released which, with the help of molded plastic dungeon floors, allowed the combat books to be used with miniatures for tactical combat and role-playing.

The series was first published by Nova Game Designs, then by Chessex and finally by Greysea. Flying Buffalo, Nutmeg Games and 1% Inspiration Games also published some additional items under license. Emithill reproduced some of the early Nova releases for English audiences; these British editions look exactly like the American ones (Nova logo and all), but the cover graphics are slightly less sharp and the back cover features a white box near the middle containing the text "Printed under license by Emithill Ltd., Manchester, England."


     1090. Lost Worlds Introductory Set


     Be Your Own Lost Worlds Character
     Gunslinger with Whip and Pistol
     Mutant Hill Giant
     1001. Man in Chainmail with Sword and Shield
     1002. Skeleton with Scimitar and Shield
     1003. Dwarf in Chainmail with Two-handed Ax
     1004. Giant Goblin with Mace and Shield
     1005. Woman in Scale with Sword and Shield
     1006. Hill Troll with Club
     1007. Barbarian with Two-handed Sword
     1008. Fighter Mage with Magic Sword
     1009. Wraith with Sickle
     1010. Cold Drake
     1011. Halfling with Sword and Shield
     1012. Lizard Man with Scimitar and Buckler
     1013. Man in Plate with Sword and Shield
     1014. Man with Short Sword and Dagger
     1015. Woman with Quarterstaff
     1016. Winged Gargoyle with Scimitar
     1301. Unicorn
     1401. Samurai with Katana
     1402. Ninja with Ninjato
     1601. Manticore
     3001. Runesword: Bith - Female Cleric
     3002. Runesword: Cal - Warrior with Sword and Shield
     3003. Runesword: Endril - Elfin Archer with Epee
     3004. Runesword: Hathor - Troll with Axe
     4001. Robin Hood
     4002. Little John
     5001. Arcanthus the Sage
     5002. Daniel the Pirate
     5004. Chester the Jester
     5005. Thorgal the Wyrm Slayer
     5006. Wyrm the Dragon
     5007. Felina the Tiger Lady
     5008. Dino Fight Series: Stegosaur
     5009. Dino Fight Series: Pachycephalosaur
     5010. Dino Fight Series: T-Rex
     5011. Dino Fight Series: Triceratops
     5012. Dino Fight Series: Pinacosaur
     5013. Dino Fight Series: Allosaur
     5014. Arafael the Angel
     5015. Eilee the Sprite
     5016. Zzz... Zombie
     5017. Sylvestra the Wood Elf
     5019. Horras Hob-Goblin
     5020. Medusa
     5021. Gildersleve the Dwarf
     5022. Oowell the Ghoul
     5024. Ursa Bugbear
     5030. Lilli the Swashbuckler
     6001. Design Your Own Character
     8601. Tunnels and Trolls: Umslopagaas, the Scorpion Wizard
     8602. Tunnels and Trolls: Flaming Cherry
     8603. Tunnels and Trolls: Kharis, Royal Mummy
     8604. Tunnels and Trolls: Chiron, Magical Centaur
     8605. Tunnels and Trolls: Praxides, Female Gargoyle
     8607. Tunnels and Trolls: Mac Aber, A Highland Warrior with Claymore
     8609. Amara Wintersword, Female Barbarian with Axe
     8610. Knights of the Dinner Table: Bob "Knuckles"
     8611. Knights of the Dinner Table: Brian "Teflon Billy"
     8612. Knights of the Dinner Table: Dave "El Ravager"
     8613. Knights of the Dinner Table: Sara "Thorina"
     8615. Mischa Redblur, Ultra Sorceress
     8616. Meresin, Dwarf with Warhammer
     8617. Zocchi, Magician with Dice Bag
     60150. Othere, Djinn of Distinction
     60151. Brimstone, the Fire Giant
     60152. Sir Percival, Mounted Knight
     60153. Cimeree, Elfin Maid

Play Aids

     1101. Tome of Red Magic
     1410. Ninja Tactic Cards
     1411. Ninja Gimmicks Pack
     8701. Fantasy Card Set A
     8702. Fantasy Card Set B
     8703. Fantasy Card Set C
     8704. Fantasy Card Set D
     8705. Fantasy Card Set E
     8706. Fantasy Card Set F
     9001. Fantasy Card Set 1: The Dragon's Cache
     9002. Fantasy Card Set 2: The Mummy's Hoard

Role-Playing Materials

     1102. Treasure Hoard of the Cold Drake
     2001. In the Ruins of the Ancients
     2002. The Dwarf and Goblin Wars
     2006. The Ancient Scrolls of Danga'in
     2007. The Death Ring of Khar-vasis
     8801. The Curse of the Tarbella

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Play Aids

Lost Worlds 1001 Character Sheet (front)

Lost Worlds 1001/1002 Character Sheet (back)

Lost Worlds 1002 Character Sheet (front)

Lost Worlds 1010 Character Sheet (back)

Lost Worlds 1010 Character Sheet (front)

Lost Worlds 3001 Cards (back)

Lost Worlds 3001 Cards (front)

Lost Worlds 3001 Character Sheet (back)

Lost Worlds 3001 Character Sheet (front)

Lost Worlds 3002 Cards (back)

Lost Worlds 3002 Cards (front)

Lost Worlds 3002 Character Sheet (back)

Lost Worlds 3002 Character Sheet (front)

Lost Worlds 5001 Character Sheet

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          Veltigg, The Forest Shade / Mattha, Huntress of Denglade

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