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Publisher:Transworld -- United Kingdom
Categories:Complexity Level : Basic (No Game System)
Format : Paperback
Game System : Visual Puzzles
Genre : Adventure
Genre : Mystery
Genre : Science Fiction
Genre : Sports Fiction
Target Age Group : Older Children
Writing Style : First Person
Writing Style : Past Tense

These books may well have been the first series of gamebooks (though not the first gamebooks) to be published. The adventures cover a range of different genres and have a strange layout: the books are in landscape rather than portrait format. The books are also extremely visual; every page of text has an illustration opposite it, and choices may appear either as page numbers in the text or as numbered arrows in the pictures. Puzzles are also included in some of the books.


     1. Mission to Planet L
     2. Secret of the Seventh Star
     3. The Black Dragon
     4. Treasure of Shark Island
     5. Codebreaker
     6. Skyjacked
     7. Action Football
     8. Three Men in a Maze
     9. Rugger Final
     10. Road Racer
     11. Reporter on the Trail
     12. Codebreaker International

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