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Magic: The Gathering Novels

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Publishers:HarperCollins -- United States
Wizards of the Coast -- United States

These non-interactive novels were inspired by the popular collectible card game. Several early volumes featured mail-in offers for special cards. HarperCollins published ten novels and two anthologies before turning things over to Wizards of the Coast.


     The Colors of Magic
     Distant Planes
     The Dragons of Magic
     The Myths of Magic
     Rath and Storm
     The Secrets of Magic


     1. Arena
     2. Whispering Woods
     3. Shattered Chains
     4. Final Sacrifice
     5. The Cursed Land
     6. The Prodigal Sorcerer
     7. Ashes of the Sun
     8. Song of Time
     9. And Peace Shall Sleep
     10. Dark Legacy
     11. Artifacts Cycle 1: The Brothers' War
     12. Artifacts Cycle 2: Planeswalker
     13. Artifacts Cycle 3: Time Streams
     14. Artifacts Cycle 4: Bloodlines
     15. Masquerade Cycle 1: Mercadian Masques
     16. Ice Age Cycle 1: The Gathering Dark
     17. Invasion Cycle: The Thran (A Prequel)
     18. Masquerade Cycle 2: Nemesis
     19. Ice Age Cycle 2: The Eternal Ice
     20. Masquerade Cycle 3: Prophecy
     21. Invasion Cycle 1: Invasion
     22. Ice Age Cycle 3: The Shattered Alliance
     23. Invasion Cycle 2: Planeshift
     24. Legends Cycle 1: Johan
     25. Invasion Cycle 3: Apocalypse
     26. Odyssey Cycle 1: Odyssey
     27. Legends Cycle 2: Jedit
     28. Odyssey Cycle 2: Chainer's Torment
     29. Odyssey Cycle 3: Judgment
     30. Legends Cycle 3: Hazezon
     31. Onslaught Cycle 1: Onslaught
     32. Legends Cycle Two 1: Assassin's Blade
     33. Onslaught Cycle 2: Legions
     34. Legends Cycle Two: Emperor's Fist
     35. Onslaught Cycle 3: Scourge

Short Stories

     Because of a Twig
     The Blood of a Dragon
     Dragon Lord
     Dragon of Jamuraa
     Dragon's Paw
     The Fog
     Hero of the People
     Keldon Staredown
     Of Protectors & Pride

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