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Tunnels and Trolls

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Publishers:Corgi -- United Kingdom
Flying Buffalo -- United States
Categories:Complexity Level : Advanced (Full Game System)
Complexity Level : Solitaire RPG (External Rules Required)
Format : Paperback
Genre : Fantasy
Product Family : Tunnels & Trolls
Target Age Group : Adults
Target Age Group : Teenagers
Writing Style : Present Tense
Writing Style : Second Person
Translated Into:Schwerter & Dämonen (German)
Tunnel e troll (Italian)
Tunnels & Trolls (French)

One of the earliest competitors to Dungeons & Dragons, Ken St. Andre's Tunnels and Trolls role-playing game carved out a niche by being somewhat less complex than the competition and by providing a long line of solitaire adventures. Indeed, Tunnels and Trolls was the first role-playing game to support solitaire play, and a number of its adventures still remain in print. Many of the adventures have gone through multiple editions (and sometimes dramatic rewrites), evolving from amateurish efforts into professional-looking products. Several adventures were released in England in 1986 in two-book combined volumes (except for City of Terrors, which was released by itself). These editions were edited to remove some mild sexual content and had simplified rules included so that they could be played as stand-alone gamebooks as well as solitaire role-playing adventures. In more recent years, many titles have become available in electronic formats as well.


     The Amulet of the Salkti and Arena of Khazan
     Captif d'Yvoire and Beyond the Silvered Pane
     Gamesmen of Kasar and Mistywood
     Naked Doom and Deathtrap Equalizer Dungeon
     Sword for Hire and Blue Frog Tavern
     Take the Money


     Cry Wolf!
     New Sorcerer's Solitaire
     Solo for the Intellectually Challenged
     When the Cat's Away

Role-Playing Games

     Tunnels and Trolls 1.0
     Tunnels and Trolls 2.0
     Tunnels and Trolls 3.0
     Tunnels and Trolls 4.0
     Tunnels and Trolls 5.0
     Tunnels and Trolls 5.5
     Tunnels and Trolls 7.5
     Tunnels and Trolls: The Complete Fantasy Game Rule Book

Solitaire Adventures

     A Computer Generated Dungeon
     Elven Lords
     Pocket Adventure 1: Goblin Lake
     Pocket Adventure 2: Abyss
     Pocket Adventure 3: Circle of Ice
     1. Buffalo Castle
     2. Deathtrap Equalizer Dungeon
     3. Labyrinth
     4. Naked Doom
     5. Dargon's Dungeon
     6. Weirdworld
     7. Overkill
     8. Beyond the Silvered Pane
     9. City of Terrors
     10. Sorcerer Solitaire
     11. Sword for Hire
     12. Arena of Khazan
     13. Sewers of Oblivion
     14. Sea of Mystery
     15. Blue Frog Tavern
     16. Mistywood
     17. Gamesmen of Kasar
     18. Beyond the Wall of Tears
     19. Captif d'Yvoire
     20. The Amulet of the Salkti
     21. Red Circle
     22. Caravan to Tiern
     23. Dark Temple
     24. When the Cat's Away

Bibliography of Items Related to Tunnels and Trolls


          You Against the System: The SF Expansion and Solitaire Gaming


          Blood and Honour
          The Bullow Lands
          First Command
          Golden Dust, Red Death
          Hela's House of Dark Delights
          Hot Pursuit
          The Legend of the __________ (adj) __________ (n)
          The Mad Dwarf
          The Old Dwarf Mine
          Rogue's Quest
          Seven Ayes
          Stop, Thief!
          The Sunk of Tarsis
          A Sworded Adventure
          Thief for Hire
          Wild Ride

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Flying Buffalo
This long-lived adventure game company sells solitaire adventures for the Tunnels & Trolls RPG along with some Lost Worlds books. (last verified: 2012-06-12)

User Comments

Tunnels & Trolls has the distinction of being the second Fantasy Role-Playing Game published (the first was, of course, Dungeons & Dragons).

According to designer Ken St. Andre, he liked the alliterative nature of Dungeons & Dragons's title, but realized he couldn't use it, so he sought after something similar - his first suggestion, Tunnels & Troglodytes was soundly pooh-pooh'ed by his friends, someone suggested Tunnels & Trolls, and the rest is history.

In addition to being the 2nd FRPG (the designers of RuneQuest, a highly acclaimed FRPG, credit E. Gary Gygax for opening Pandora's box... and Ken St. Andre for proving that it could be opened again), T & T has the distinction of being possibly THE first to have a universal task resolution system, what was (and still is) referred to as "saving rolls" (possibly due to D & D's initial inspiration) but are actually attribute checks by which a character's chance of performing a task was dependant on an appropriate attribute and an assigned "difficulty rating" of the task.

T & T is now in its 5th edition (which came out sometime in 1979) and has been out of print for a while but a new version of the 5th edition rulebook (called version 5.5) will be published sometime in 2005 and will include Buffalo Castle, the first solitaire adventure for T & T.

Differences between the earlier editions (the 4th edition being the most common) and the 5th edition were fairly minimal: earlier editions had less powerful "normal" weapons while the 5th edition added the warrior-wizard as a fourth character class (before the 5th edition, the only classes were warrior, wizard and rogue... and the rogues had to make some difficult choices once they reached 7th level, being forced to choose between becoming a warrior or a wizard). The only "glitch" in using one version of the rules over the other are the fact that adventures designed for 5th edition characters might have monsters that are a bit too powerful for earlier edition characters.

-- castiglione

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