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Gamebook Links

Here's a list of some of the other gamebook pages out on the Internet... Contact me ( if any of the links go dead or if you know of a page that belongs on this list. Some inactive sites are listed for historical reasons; these are marked [Dead Link]. You may be able to view them using the Wayback Machine in the Internet Archive.

Gamebook Author / Illustrator Pages

Alex Price Creative
Here you'll find information on the company run by Forgotten Forest illustrator T. Alexander Price. The site includes pictures from the series. (last verified: 2004-06-09)

Allen Varney, Writer and Game Designer
Gamebook writer Allen Varney keeps a webpage here. (last verified: 2016-02-25)

Andrew Chapman's Blog
This blog belongs to Andrew Chapman, author of several Fighting Fantasy gamebooks. (last verified: 2016-05-27)

Bernd Perplies
This site belongs to German gamebook author Bernd Perplies. It contains an entire page devoted to Das schleichende Grauen. (last verified: 2013-06-01)

Carol Gaskin - Editorial Alchemy
This page offers editorial service from Carol Gaskin of Forgotten Forest and Time Machine fame. (last verified: 2014-12-31)

Clayton Emery's Page
This is the home of one of the co-authors of the first Amazing Stories book. (last verified: 2004-06-09)

Edward Crosby Design
This blog belongs to Caverns of the Snow Witch illustrator Edward Crosby. (last verified: 2006-07-23)

Emily Drake
This page is the official site for Dragontales author Rhondi Vilott, who now writes non-interactive fantasy novels under a pseudonym. (last verified: 2004-06-09)

Fabled Lands
A blog maintained by Dave Morris, creator of the Fabled Lands, Blood Sword and Golden Dragon series, among others. (last verified: 2010-11-14)

The Gallery: Russ Nicholson
Fighting Fantasy illustrator Russ Nicholson showcases some of his work on this blog. (last verified: 2010-11-14)

Graeme Davis
This is the homepage of gamebook author Graeme Davis. (last verified: 2014-12-31)

Griffon's Aerie [dead site; in Wayback Machine]
This is the home of Peter Schweighofer, the author of several Star Wars-themed solo adventures, among other things.*/ (last verified: 2004-06-09)

Herbie Brennan's Bookshelf
This is the official home of Herbie Brennan, creator of Grailquest, Horror Classics and other gamebooks. (last verified: 2004-06-09)

Jacques Terpant's Page
The La saga du Prêtre Jean illustrator has a site here. (last verified: 2004-06-09)

Jim Gasperini's Page
Time Machine author Jim Gasperini maintains this page to keep track of his various projects and interests. (last verified: 2004-06-09)

John Higgins - Turmoil Colour Studios
This page belongs to Grailquest illustrator John Higgins. (last verified: 2004-06-09)

Kelly Bennett's Facebook Page
This gallery provides some artwork by the illustrator of the Daniel the Pirate Lost Worlds book. (last verified: 2016-05-27)

Kim Newman & Eugene Byrne: The Alternate History Pages
This page is run in part by Life's Lottery author Kim Newman. (last verified: 2004-06-09)

Leo Hartas Art and Illustration
The page of gamebook artist Leo Hartas. (last verified: 2010-12-11)

Longbox Graveyard
This blog belongs to Paul O'Connor, author of the Dudley Serious Interactive Comics series. It includes a free-to-read online version of the second issue in the series. (last verified: 2016-07-02)

Louise Munro Foley Papers
This finding aid contains information on the content of the Louise Munro Foley papers donated to the University of Southern Mississippi. (last verified: 2014-12-31)

Marc Kornblatt's Page
A former Time Machine author, Marc Kornblatt is still writing books for children. (last verified: 2004-06-09)

Mark Nagata Illustration
This site belongs to illustrator Mark Nagata. (last verified: 2004-08-03)

Mark Wightman's Lulu Store
Mark Wightman's work, including Last Stand at Kirrinbahr, can be previewed and purchased here. (last verified: 2007-08-04)

Martin McKenna | Illustrator
This is the page of Fighting Fantasy illustrator Martin McKenna. (last verified: 2009-10-28)

Michael Fishel
This is the official homepage of artist Michael Fishel. (last verified: 2007-05-13)

Michael Fishel - Classic Fantasy Art
This page contains some work by Fantasy Forest illustrator Michael Fishel. (last verified: 2004-06-09)

Nancy Lamb's Page
This site belongs to Nancy Lamb, co-creator of the Which Way series. (last verified: 2004-06-09)

Panurgic Publishing
This site belongs to Paul Mason, Fighting Fantasy author and Virtual Reality republisher. (last verified: 2004-06-09)

Peter Andrew Jones' Page
This page is the home of noted Fighting Fantasy illustrator Peter Andrew Jones. (last verified: 2004-06-09)

Richard A. Bartle
This page belongs to the author of the early solo role-playing effort, The Solo Dungeon. (last verified: 2004-06-09)

Rita Golden Gelman, Female Nomad
This site belongs to Rita Golden Gelman, co-creator of the Which Way series. (last verified: 2004-06-09)

Russ Nicholson's Blog
This is the official blog of artist Russ Nicholson. (last verified: 2010-11-14)

Shiga Books
This page is run by Jason Shiga, designer and publisher of a number of nifty interactive comic books. (last verified: 2004-06-09)

Tony Hough
This is the official home of illustrator Tony Hough. (last verified: 2006-09-16)

Tracey West's Page
This site belongs to Tracey West, author of the Scream Shop series (among others). (last verified: 2004-06-09)

Unnatural History: The Online Presence of Writer Jonathan Green
The title pretty much says it all. (last verified: 2008-09-07)

Walter H. Hunt - Author
This is the home of author Walter Hunt, one of the Adventure Architects. (last verified: 2013-05-04)

Woodland Forest Chronicles
This site belongs to author J. P. Barnett. (last verified: 2007-08-04)
The page of Fighting Fantasy author Robin Waterfield. (last verified: 2009-12-28)

This French site provides several original online gamebooks. (last verified: 2004-06-09)

Gamebook Creation Systems

This French gamebook creation system also includes an English version. (last verified: 2013-05-11)

Adventure Cow
This site offers a nice online gamebook editing environment plus tools for playing adventures via email. (last verified: 2010-11-10)

Aventura-Solo [Dead Link]
This Portuguese-language tool can be used to build gamebook-style adventures. (last verified: 2011-12-06)

Fighting Fantasy Gamebook Sidebar
This open source tool allows you to add the Fighting Fantasy game system to an existing website like a wiki. (last verified: 2010-07-05)

Game Book Player [Dead Link]
This is Paul Jordan's gamebook-authoring solution, and it was used to create the Leyenda ëlfica series. (last verified: 2004-09-25)

The Gamebook Authoring Tool
This Windows application for writing gamebooks comes in free and premium editions. (last verified: 2013-06-01)

Gamebook Creator
This website offers software that can be used for designing gamebooks. (last verified: 2012-06-03)

The Gamebook Engine
This is a free, open source, cross-platform engine for developing computer-driven gamebooks. (last verified: 2009-06-17)

Gamebook Land [Dead Link]
This site allows you to create and play gamebooks online. (last verified: 2008-09-23) [Dead Link]
This site allows its visitors to collaborate in the creation of interactive stories. (last verified: 2006-11-13)
An online community for playing and designing gamebook-type adventures. (last verified: 2004-06-09)

Never-Ending Story Engine
This is an online community where members can collaboratively create interactive stories. (last verified: 2004-06-09)

QML: Create Your Own Adventure
This page is home to QML, an XML-based markup language designed to ease the creation and distribution of electronic gamebooks. (last verified: 2004-06-09)

This is an online system for reading and collaborating on gamebooks. (last verified: 2014-12-31)

Storypaths - Writaur
This site lets you create your own interactive stories online or read those created by others. (last verified: 2008-12-05)

Text Adventures Suite
This is a Java Desktop-based system for creating digital gamebook-like adventures. (last verified: 2009-07-10)

This is an open source gamebook creation tool available in several flavors. (last verified: 2009-07-10)

Write Your Own Adventure [Dead Link]
This online system (originated in Spanish but with English support) is another way to create your own interactive stories (and read those created by others). (last verified: 2009-10-24)
This site, available in multiple languages, includes an online gamebook-creation system and some stories to play. (last verified: 2007-05-13)

Official Gamebook Sites

The Adventures of Cagney
You can read a brief but lavishly illustrated interactive adventure here. (last verified: 2009-10-25)

Blackstaff Gamebooks
This is the official home of the Blackstaff Gamebooks. (last verified: 2011-05-20)

The Brain of Katherine Mansfield
This is the online edition of a gamebook originally released in New Zealand in the eighties. (last verified: 2009-10-27)

Branching Path Books
This is the official home of the Branching Path Books series. (last verified: 2012-03-25)

Choices Gamebooks
This is the official home of the Choices series. (last verified: 2011-05-20)

Choose Your Own Adventure: Official Movie Site
This is the official page of the Choose Your Own Adventure Interactive Movies. (last verified: 2006-06-07)

Chronicles of Arborell
An original, online-only fantasy gamebook series can be found here! (last verified: 2011-10-24)

Creating Adventure Games on Your Computer
The full text of this book (which includes a mini-gamebook) can be found here with permission of the copyright holder. (last verified: 2007-11-18)
This is the official site of the Choose Your Own Adventure Reissues. (last verified: 2005-11-02)

Data Center of Doom
A complete gamebook can be played online or downloaded here. (last verified: 2014-12-31)

Delight Games
This company publishes electronic gamebooks. (last verified: 2016-12-06)

DestinyQuest Infinite
DestinyQuest may be played online here (by subscription). (last verified: 2014-04-06)

Digital Detectives Mysteries
This is the online component of the Digital Detectives Mysteries series. (last verified: 2006-07-08)

Double Doble Game-books
The Prince Groffy gamebooks can be played online here. (last verified: 2013-02-02)

Dungeons & Dragons Downloads
Gnomes-100, Dragons-0 from the Catacombs series can be downloaded here (see the Dragonlance section). (last verified: 2004-07-12)

Endless Quest # 8: Villains of Volturnus [full text] (last verified: 2016-11-15)

Endless Quest #17: Captive Planet [full text] (last verified: 2016-11-15)

EnigmaQuest [Dead Link]
This online gamebook, which can be expanded by user input, is designed in the spirit of the Knightmare and Crystal Maze series. (last verified: 2004-06-09)
This is the official home of the Wizard Books Fighting Fantasy reprints. (last verified: 2004-06-09)

Firelight Game Company
This company sells Lost Worlds gamebooks and is working in developing some new titles for the series. (last verified: 2012-09-25)

Football Fantasy Official Site
This is the official home of the Football Fantasy series, offering rules, team information, competitions, downloads and more. (last verified: 2004-12-03)

Gamebook Adventures
This page is home to Tin Man Games' electronic-format gamebooks. (last verified: 2011-10-29)

Le Grimoire
This is the homepage of the current publisher of Loup solitaire. (last verified: 2012-03-25)

How to Write Your Own Give Yourself Goosebumps Books
This article, written by R. L. Stine, discusses the construction of the Give Yourself Goosebumps books. (last verified: 2013-01-18)

Kingdom of Loathing: The Home Game
The complete Kingdom of Loathing gamebook can be found here. (last verified: 2008-12-06)

Knuckleduster Publications
This site is the official home of the Knuckleduster Interactive Western Adventures. (last verified: 2004-06-09)

Leyenda Ëlfica
This is the official home of the amateur Spanish Leyenda ëlfica adventures. (last verified: 2004-11-01)
This is the Spanish-language home of Lone Wolf. (last verified: 2004-06-09)

Loup Solitaire
This is the official home of Loup solitaire, the French version of Lone Wolf. (last verified: 2012-03-25)

This German publisher produces the reissues of Einsamer Wolf. (last verified: 2009-08-02)

Narborion Saga
This is the official home of the digital Narborion Saga gamebooks. (last verified: 2015-12-28)

On-a-Stick Publications
This is the publisher of Grampa Barmo Presents... and Grampa Barmo's Discount Game Magazine.
/onastick/ (last verified: 2004-10-05)

Pocket RPG
This is the game's official site. (last verified: 2014-04-06)

Project Aon
This wonderful page provides free online Lone Wolf (and other) gamebooks, courtesy of author Joe Dever! (last verified: 2004-06-09)

This is the official home of Psyche. (last verified: 2012-04-09)

Romance Stories - An Interactive Fiction Collection
This is the official home of Christina T. Crooks' interactive writing. (last verified: 2011-10-29)

RPGNow - TrollsZine!
TrollsZine! can be downloaded here. (last verified: 2013-01-04)

Seres en el jardín
This Spanish-language gamebook can be played for free online. English translation is also available courtesy of Google, though machine translation is not the best way to read a work of fiction. (last verified: 2009-09-13)

Spellcaster Gamebooks
This site is the official home of the Spellcaster gamebooks by Louisa Dent Pearce. (last verified: 2013-06-01)

Sryth: The Age of Igtheon
This web-based game plays like a gamebook but takes full advantage of web browser features. (last verified: 2004-06-09)

Terry Toledo: Choice Comix
The Choice Comix can be found here. (last verified: 2012-03-25)

The Texture of the Sky
This page has information on The Texture of the Sky in all its forms. (last verified: 2004-12-16)

Not exactly a gamebook, but this site is home to a massively-multiplayer online text-based game. (last verified: 2016-05-27)

True Hero Minigame
You can download the True Hero Minigame here. (last verified: 2008-12-13)

This page offers information on the first Playmark Book Game and includes a free downloadable demo. (last verified: 2004-12-16)

Windhammer Prize
This page is home to the Windhammer Prize, an annual gamebook-writing competition. Pay a visit for information on entering the contest and to read past entries. (last verified: 2011-10-26)

You Choose Series
This is the official site for George Ivanoff's gamebook series. (last verified: 2014-12-31)

Zork #3: The Cavern of Doom
You can play the third Zork book online here, and yes, it's legal! (last verified: 2004-06-09)

Other Fan Pages

331 Oakmont Drive
This is an interactive horror story playable online. (last verified: 2005-01-04)

Aaron Thorne's Gamebook Page
This page offers a few reviews of gamebooks and useful links to other sites where gamebooks can be purchased. (last verified: 2008-01-27)

Ace of Aces Collector's Guide
This site has lots of information on the classic gamebook flight simulator. (last verified: 2009-02-04)

Andrew Schultz's Gamebook Page
This page has lots of Zork and Be an Interplanetary Spy-related information along with links to some humorous online gamebooks. (last verified: 2004-06-09)

Ariel Archives
This page contains cover images and transcribed cover text from Brett Easterbrook's gamebook collection. (last verified: 2012-12-28)

The Cyber Reviews - HeartQuest
This page offers lengthy information and reviews relating to the HeartQuest series. (last verified: 2004-06-09)

David Archwamety's Choose Your Own Adventure page
Here are some reviews of the Choose Your Own Adventure books along with some useful information on the series. (last verified: 2004-06-09)
This site includes images of a huge variety of dice... including at least one pair of custom dice packaged with gamebooks. If you have a gamebook that's missing custom dice, this might be a good place to search for images. (last verified: 2012-03-25)

Facebook: Choose Your Own Adventure
This is the Facebook fan page for Choose Your Own Adventure. (last verified: 2012-01-27)

Fang's Finest Emporium
This Fighting Fantasy site should appeal to more visually-oriented fans thanks to its interesting interface. (last verified: 2004-06-09)

Fighting Fantasy Collector
As the name suggests, this site provides information of interest to collectors of Fighting Fantasy books and merchandise. (last verified: 2005-04-13)

Fighting Fantasy Reviews Archive
This site collects fan reviews of Fighting Fantasy books from around the web. (last verified: 2004-06-09)

This was the ultimate Fighting Fantasy site for a while, but it's gone into hibernation or something and hasn't been updated in ages. It's still worth a look, though. (last verified: 2004-06-09)

GameBook MX
This site is dedicated to the creation of interactive fiction in Spanish. (last verified: 2014-08-01)

This site has a number of gamebook-themed message boards. (last verified: 2009-06-17)

Golden Stag Productions - Quicksilver Fantasies Solo Adventures
This page allows download of a program containing modified versions of the Mini-Series and Maxi-Solo adventures. (last verified: 2004-09-07)

The Lands of Shabak [Dead Link]
This content-rich Fighting Fantasy site features an original, full-length gamebook and some historical information that might be useful in a multiplayer campaign, among other things. (last verified: 2004-06-09)

Librogame's Land
This is a large Italian-language site devoted to gamebooks. (last verified: 2008-02-24)
This site provides information about Spanish-language gamebooks. (last verified: 2014-12-28)

Lloyd of Gamebooks
This gamebook blog includes reviews and writing tips. (last verified: 2011-03-07)

Lone Wolf Playthrough
This blog documents a run through the classic gamebook series. (last verified: 2016-11-04)

La Malédiction de la Momie
This impressive effort is an unofficial fan translation of Fighting Fantasy #59 into French. This is the only title in the series that wasn't released in France, so French-speaking fans should be happy! (last verified: 2004-06-09)

Mansion of Maleficence
This is a brief online horror gamebook by Per Jorner. (last verified: 2004-06-09)

Mantikora's Gamebook Library
This page includes reviews and links for free online gamebooks along with advice on gamebook-writing and other relevant material. (last verified: 2004-06-09)

Moloch's Gamebook Garden
This is a Yahoo! club devoted to gamebooks... It's definitely worth checking out if you're searching for other fans! (last verified: 2004-06-09)

Mrs Giggles - Den of Gamebook Reviews
Although Mrs Giggles devotes much of her time to reviewing romances, she also has a soft spot for gamebooks, evidenced by this section of her site. (last verified: 2009-08-15)

The New Perils of Rosella
This page is home to a gamebook-style piece of interactive fan fiction set in the world of the King's Quest video games. (last verified: 2004-12-10)

Planète LDVELH
This site provides tons of information on French gamebooks, both originals and translations. (last verified: 2005-04-18)

Realm of Warhawk
This is an online collaborative gamebook project. (last verified: 2004-06-09)

Das Spielbuch-Forum
This online forum provides a place to discuss and trade gamebooks. Most content is in German, but there are some areas for international collectors. (last verified: 2008-03-23)

Verzeichnis deutschsprachiger Spielbücher
This site, written in gamebook format, includes information on many German-language gamebooks. You can also jump directly to the series list. (last verified: 2012-12-31)

The Way of the Tiger Playthrough
This blog tracks a reader's adventures through the Way of the Tiger series. (last verified: 2016-08-05)

World Weary Adventures
This site offers a series of online gamebooks satirizing everyday events. (last verified: 2015-11-02)

Книгите, в които героят си Ти!
This Bulgarian site contains lots of gamebook information... in Bulgarian, of course. (last verified: 2011-05-20)

Places to Acquire Gamebooks

Flying Buffalo
This long-lived adventure game company sells solitaire adventures for the Tunnels & Trolls RPG along with some Lost Worlds books. (last verified: 2012-06-12)

Gamebook Collectors Yahoo! Club
This little Yahoo! club encourages gamebook trading. Check it out! (last verified: 2004-06-09)
This site offers interactive eBooks for PDAs and personal computers. If you're interested in digital gamebooks, give this a shot. Free demos are available. (last verified: 2004-06-15) TomeHoard
This online book store sells nothing but gamebooks!! Check it out if you need to fill in some holes in your collection; it mostly sells American books, but there are some nice rarities mixed in... (last verified: 2004-06-09)

This British online gaming store offers some used gamebooks. (last verified: 2004-06-15)

Mantikore-Verlag Online Store
This German online store sells gamebooks (new and old) along with other gaming products. (last verified: 2007-12-16)

Wayne's World of Books - Krakow RPGs
This page mostly offers links to places where you can buy old RPG items, but the occasional gamebook is included among the listings, and site's owner is willing to help track down specific titles (though a donation for the service is appreciated). (last verified: 2004-06-09)

Sources of More Links Directory - Gamebooks
A directory of gamebook-related web links. (last verified: 2004-06-09)

Open Directory: Gamebooks Category
This directory contains a list of additional gamebook-related links. It's worth a look if you're still not satisfied! (last verified: 2004-06-09)

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