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Revenge of the Rainbow Dragons

Revenge of the Rainbow DragonsRevenge of the Rainbow Dragons
Series:Endless Quest #6
Contained In:The Endless Quest Collectors Set #2
Translated Into:I draghi d'arcobaleno (Italian)
Les Dragons de l'arc-en-ciel (French)
Die Rache der Regenbogendrachen (German)
Reinboo doragon no himitsu [レインボードラゴンの秘密] (Japanese)
La venganza de los dragones del arco iris (Spanish)
Author:Rose Estes
Illustrators:Jeff Easley (cover)
Harry J. Quinn (interior)
Release Date:January, 1983
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0880380217 / 9780880380218
Length:157 pages
Number of Endings:21
Summary:In this sequel to Pillars of Pentegarn, you and Pentegarn are charged with practicing magic without a license. As a result, you must travel to Rainbow Castle and face three evil wizards.
Demian's Thoughts:
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This is a pretty good entry in the series, with interesting puzzles, traps, and creatures.
utfanatic's Thoughts:
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Good read. Rose returns to form. This book is the direct sequel to Pillars of Pentagarn and you play the same character, Jaimie, now apprenticed to Pentagarn himself. Your old pals Fox and Owl are back as well. The choices generally point you along the path the author wants you take. There is one major choice early on -- stay in the castle or be transported to "Limbo." There are some interesting occurrences in the dungeon of the castle however. Because of the disparate outcomes from this initial choice, replayability is high.

Has a very different flavor and feel to it, which some may like, and others not.

Writing is good, characterization is better than usual in Endless Quest due to this being a sequel book, but the author does tend to push you along the path. All in all, good book though.

Rating 1-10: 7

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