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Mountain of Mirrors

Mountain of MirrorsMountain of MirrorsMountain of Mirrors
Series:Endless Quest #2
Contained In:The Endless Quest Collectors Set #1
Translated Into:Der Berg der Spiegel (German)
La montagna degli specchi (Italian)
La Montagne des miroirs (French)
La montaƱa de los espejos (Spanish)
Author:Rose Estes
Illustrators:Larry Elmore (cover)
James (Jim) Holloway (interior)
Release Date:June, 1982
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0935696873 / 9780935696875
Length:153 pages
Number of Endings:14
Summary:You are Landon, an elf sent to discover why vital supply caravans have been disappearing before reaching your isolated village. You end up exploring Shanafria, a frozen mountain with some decidedly unfriendly inhabitants.
Demian's Thoughts:
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This is one of the worst entries in the series due to truly awful pacing. In addition to containing long stretches where the reader doesn't have the option to make a choice, the book has a lot of pointless choices which give you the option to simply give up. If you're so bored that you wish to stop reading the book, you can close it without being given the choice to abandon the quest; the abandon hope option just wastes pages that could have been used to improve the story.
Guillermo's Thoughts:
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While other reviewers hate this book, I actually think it is well above average (and nowhere near the bottom of the Endless Quest list). Instead of the typical dungeon crawl found in the previous entry, this book involves a stealth mission where reasoning and strategy are more important than brute force. This is quite a wise choice considering that the book does not have the advantage of a combat system, as the Fighting Fantasy or Lone Wolf books do. While the passages of text are quite long (even for an Endless Quest book), this serves to convey to the reader a sense of the size and isolation of the mountainous setting. The writing is also quite effective at making the adventure feel like an epic-scale quest. Since there is only one path to a successful conclusion, completing the adventure is quite satisfactory. Overall, I found this to be a real classic. Definitely recommended.
utfanatic's Thoughts:
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Odd book.

It is not so much a gamebook, as a short story or novella with a few choices thrown in for good measure. There are long stretches where no choices are presented at all and many possible choices are passed over. The longest I counted is 17 pages straight without a choice. It is difficult to not easily complete the quest. Most choices are not that relevant. There are a few things in this book which don't make sense as well. I have a feeling it was put together pretty quickly.

On the other hand, the writing is decent, the plot, story, background, and development of your character are pretty darn good.

But most people read gamebooks as opposed to novels for a reason: they want choices, and the ability to have more impact on the world.

So, even though I appreciated the story and enjoyed it, as a gamebook, this one isn't very good.

Rating 1-10: 4.5

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twar: Fifth printing. Creases on some pages and front cover. Named penned on inside of front cover.

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