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Trial of Champions

Trial of Champions (British cover)
(British cover)
Trial of Champions (British cover)
(British cover)
Trial of Champions (American cover)
(American cover)
Trial of Champions (reissue cover)
(reissue cover)
Series:Fighting Fantasy #21
Fighting Fantasy Reissues (Series 1) #12
Fighting Fantasy Reissues (Series 2) #12
Translated Into:Bajnokok próbája (Hungarian)
O desafio dos campeões (Portuguese)
L'Epreuve des champions (French)
Heltenes prøve (Danish)
Izpitanie za shampioni [Изпитание за шампиони] (Bulgarian)
Meikyu-tanken-kyougi [迷宮探検競技] (Japanese)
Prova dos campeões (Portuguese)
Der Wettstreit der Gladiatoren (German)
Zápas mistrů (Czech)
Adapted Into:Trial of Champions (Role-Playing Material)
Author:Ian Livingstone
Illustrators:Brian Williams (original artwork)
Martin McKenna (reissue cover)
Release Dates:June 26, 1986 (original)
May, 1987 (American edition)
June 2, 2003 (reissue)
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0140320393 / 9780140320398 (original)
0440986893 / 9780440986898 (American edition)
1840464348 / 9781840464344 (reissue)
Summary:You are a slave to the evil brother of Lord Sukumvit, famous as the creator of Deathtrap Dungeon. Supposing you survive his arena, you will be his entrant in the newly renovated dungeon.
Fireguard's Thoughts:
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Deathtrap Dungeon is of course the finest book penned by Ian Livingstone, but that's the case mainly because the dungeon crawl/scavenger hunt formula he's so fond of is explained so much better there than in any of his other books where the formula appears. It makes sense Livingstone would try to recapture the magic of his best book, but it just doesn't work nearly as well as it did the first time around.

It certainly tries to be more epic than before, with the other contestants being a bunch of warlords and princes rather than simple adventurers. The new Deathtrap Dungeon is a lot more dull, though, and the trials leading up to it aren't particularly interesting either. The encounter with the elf is also almost depressingly similar to the one with the elf from the earlier book. That in particular killed a lot of my desire to stick with the book if Livingstone was going to be that obvious about it.

Really, the most interesting thing about the book is probably what Livingstone did in the way of a sequel to this one.

Special Thanks:Thanks to Nicholas Campbell for the jagged-logo British cover scan and to Fireguard for the plot summary.
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twar: American edition, with small cover crease and pencil markings on character sheet.

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