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The Mystery of Chimney Rock

The Mystery of Chimney Rock (original cover)
(original cover)
The Mystery of Chimney RockThe Mystery of Chimney Rock (book fair edition)
(book fair edition)
The Mystery of Chimney Rock (book fair edition)
(book fair edition)
The Mystery of Chimney Rock (reissue cover)
(reissue cover)
The Mystery of Chimney RockThe Mystery of Chimney Rock
Series:Choose Your Own Adventure (1979-1998) #5
Alternate Title:The Curse of the Haunted Mansion (reissue)
Contained In:Choose Your Own Adventure Box Set 1
Translated Into:Bhūt baserā (Urdu)
A casa mal-assombrada (Portuguese)
Kara Şato'nun esrarı (Turkish)
La Malédiction de la tour (French)
El misteri de Chimney Rock (Catalan)
El misterio de Chimney Rock (Spanish)
El misterio de la casa de piedra (Spanish)
Il mistero di Chimney Rock (Italian)
Rahasia rumah terkutuk (Indonesian)
Rahasia rumah terkutuk (Indonesian)
Sumpahan vila berhantu (Malay)
Tayna zabroshennogo zamka [Тайна заброшенного замка] (Russian)
Yuurei yashiki no tanken [ゆうれい屋敷の探検] (Japanese)
Author:Edward Packard
Illustrators:Paul Granger (pseudonym for Don Hedin) (original artwork)
Jacques Devaud (reissue cover)
Release Date:January, 1980
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Length:121 pages
Number of Endings:36 (listed as 40 on some early editions)
Summary:While visiting your cousins Michael and Jane in Connecticut, you end up exploring a supposedly cursed house which is said to be occupied only by the cat of a dead woman.
Aussiesmurf's Thoughts:
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This book scared the living daylights out of me as a child, which I suppose was the idea.

The book was notable for having its own crazy dream-logic - although most of the events fall down when subjected to serious scrutiny, when you're 'in the story' they seem perfectly horrible and possible. Particularly creepy were the huge black cat and the eternal punishment for breaking the old lady's china. Give this one to your ten-year-old if you want her to have nightmares!

DavidSky's Thoughts:
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I thought this was a slightly below average CYOA book, with some very similar, repetitive endings, and an underdeveloped plot that's somewhat claustrophobic. There were some neat, creepy endings, but most of the endings were negative and there were no truly happy endings that felt satisfying. Choices seemed arbitrary, although sometimes this made things unpredictable and creepy in a good way. A few choices led to pages right next to each other, ruining any surprise element. You can see my map for this book here.
Demian's Thoughts:
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This is a good horrific adventure; it's very strange at times and has a slightly creepy atmosphere (which, of course, is desirable).
Enigmatic Synergy's Thoughts:
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This was a nice, little book. Somewhat suspenseful and genuinely creepy at times, this book provided an entertaining read. I think that less endings and more in-depth threads would have made the story a little better at times, but nonetheless I enjoyed this one for its atmospheric moments.
Fireguard's Thoughts:
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While turned off by how creepy the book was when I was younger, now I see this as one of the better early CYOA books. For a book aimed at children ten and under it's pretty scary, and the number of unfavorable endings shows just how powerful the evil of Chimney Rock is. Give it a look.
KenJenningsJeopardy74's Thoughts:
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In my mind, this book is sheer Brilliance! The story captured my mind like no other, pulling me into its grip and making me feel like I was in real danger. I still vividly recall the sense of foreboding at very specific times in the book, a sense which Edward Packard worked almost to perfection. This, to me, is the top entry in the series.
noonxnoon's Thoughts:
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I enjoyed this book. There was quite a bit more depth to it then I had expected.

While I thought the owner/cat thing was a bit cheesy, for the target audience, it is quite sellable.

There were some odd loose ends about finding various others turned into a mouse... and how the various 'evil' powers seemed to be there some times and not others.

There are a variety of ways to get out... and it is a challenge to go in and find out about the house and then to exit the house without dying and winning the big prize.

While there are several endings that you escape but isn't the 'big win,' I still found these enjoyable and more realistic.

While in the house, or about to go into the house, I could imagine being a little kid and what would I do in that situation... and once you are trapped inside that house, you only want to get out ASAP!

Overall, I found this enjoyable to read and very easy to put oneself in that situation about running off after breaking something, or sneaking in and getting caught by various people inside, etc.

Certainly one of the best in the CYOA series.

Waluigi Freak 99's Thoughts:
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Maybe it's just because a haunted house can usually be relied upon for a decent story, but I liked this book. There is an originally creepy backstory behind the house that takes a few reads to figure out, the atmosphere stays spooky and mysterious, and the writing, for the most part, is above average. The only points that could possibly go against this book is that the story gets a bit choppy when plot paths mesh together, and the backstory could have been developed a bit more. But, you should be able to overlook these slight problems enough for a memorable experience. On a different note, this book contains Gilliam Prem, who also appears in Who Killed Harlowe Thrombey?
yunakitty's Thoughts:
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Very spooky little book. I still remember being haunted by the not-really ending where you get "The End" and then at the bottom of the page you have the choice to look back at the house. Of course I chose it, and it's a scream running across a page, then another "The End." Very effective at terrifying an eight year old! I've reread this book a few times. Love it. There are a lot of different paths, and some of them do meet back up and cross each other. There's a touch of the supernatural, but it's done well. I'll never forget Melissa the cat. Creepy! A definite must read.
Special Thanks:Thanks to Ken G. for the book fair edition and reissue cover scans; thanks to B. Banzai for the trivia stripe reissue cover scan.
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