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Rebel Planet

Rebel Planet (British cover)
(British cover)
Rebel Planet (British cover)
(British cover)
Rebel Planet (American cover)
(American cover)
Series:Fighting Fantasy #18
Contained In:Fighting Fantasy Adventure Gamebox
Translated Into:Dennou-hakai-sakusen [電脳破壊作戦] (Japanese)
Lázadók bolygója (Hungarian)
Oprørets planet (Danish)
Planeta rebelde (Portuguese)
O planeta rebelde (Portuguese)
La planète rebelle (French)
Vzbouřená planeta (Czech)
Adapted Into:Rebel Planet (Video Game)
Author:Robin Waterfield
Illustrators:Alan Craddock (cover)
Gary Mayes (interior)
Release Dates:November, 1985 (original)
November, 1986 (American edition)
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0140319522 / 9780140319521 (original)
0440973600 / 9780440973607 (American edition)
Length:400 sections
Summary:The human race has been conquered by the powerful Arcadians, and you are an interplanetary secret agent on a desperate mission to learn a secret code that will allow you to enter and destroy the nerve center of the empire.
Fireguard's Thoughts:
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I'll get this out of the way now: this is one of the greatest gamebooks I've ever read.

The story of Rebel Planet is very well thought-out and interesting, especially, no offense, for a Fighting Fantasy book. Rather than traveling to a slew of exotic and alien places, all of the planets and societies the player visits in the search for the code are human, but subtly different from each other. In one instance the player gets additional luck for coming to appreciate this better. Even the sudden death rules for combat are an interesting part of the book's universe and not merely something to spice up the game as they sadly were in Slaves of the Abyss. Nothing in the book is simple, not even when the player meets a fellow rebel group to learn what they know of the code; it's never "part of the code is 010, good luck." The answer is buried in some other bit of knowledge they have.

I haven't been too descriptive about this because I want any potential readers to come in as fresh as possible, but if you're looking for something different out of a Fighting Fantasy book I promise this is where you'll find it. Brute force is an option only to be used sparingly here, and stealth and guile are the paths to success. Rebel Planet makes for quite a departure from the usual assemble the magic dealie whackers and off the big boss adventure.

In a way the amazing experience Rebel Planet offers is a shame, as I wasn't happy with anything else the author produced. Still, we'll always have Porky's. 10/10

lewstherin's Thoughts:
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I had this book years ago, but never really could get into it. Having recently gotten back into these books as a hobby, this was one of the first I tried. It's a mixed bag that I found started off more promising than it ended.

The premise is interesting. Humans have been conquered by an alien race called Arcadians and apparently Arcadians themselves are mostly slaves as well because they are all brain chipped and controlled by a central computer. Your mission is to break the code in order to access and destroy the computer. There are 3 different planets for you to visit and obtain pieces of the code from underground/undercover human rebel groups.

Sounds great, but I found it starts off okay and goes downhill from there. Getting the last piece of the code requires a series of events that make no sense. Putting the codes together is somewhat interesting, but not really that complicated. No one ever gives you an exact piece of the code so you have to figure out what it is. That might be the most interesting part of the book actually. The book is actually pretty linear and none of the locations offer much to explore.

I hope to find better science fiction entries in this series. I'm currently working on The Rings of Kether which so far has been a better story. Rebel Planet has a great premise and a lot of potential, but it falls flat for me.

Special Thanks:Thanks to Fireguard for the plot summary and original British cover scan.
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Ian2405: Original `Green Banner' (U.K) 1st Edition 1985
jr: Zig-Zag Cover
twar: (UK) First cover edition. 1st printing. Erased pencil marks on character sheet. Some small 'coffee' stain drops on first couple pages isn't a problem at all.

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