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The Mystery of Ura Senke

The Mystery of Ura SenkeThe Mystery of Ura Senke (reissue)
Series:Choose Your Own Adventure (1979-1998) #44
Choose Your Own Adventure (2005-) #13
Choose Your Own Adventure Reissues (Australian Versions) #14
Alternate Title:Cup of Death (reissue)
Translated Into:La ceremonia del té (Spanish)
La cerimònia del te (Catalan)
El misterio de Ura Senke (Spanish)
Il mistero di Ura Senke (Italian)
Mysteriet på Ura Senke (Danish)
Adapted Into:Cup of Death (Graded Reader) (Gamebook)
Author:Shannon Gilligan
Illustrators:Don Hedin (cover)
Paul Abrams (interior)
Jose Luis Marron (reissue cover)
Suzanne Nugent (reissue interior)
Release Dates:May, 1985
2005 (reissue)
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0553248928 / 9780553248920 (original)
1933390131 / 9781933390130 (reissue)
Length:116 pages (original), 121 pages (reissue)
Number of Endings:23
Summary:While in Japan, you get involved in a search for a stolen tea bowl which also happens to be a Japanese national treasure.
Amat's Thoughts:
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The Mystery of Ura Senke is very good. It has a strong, well developed plot that gets revealed bit by bit through different plot lines, making multiple read throughs worthwhile. This paired with quality writing and well developed characters makes Ura Senke stand out. Some endings are rather gruesome, but considering the book deals with the Yakuza, it's expected. I highly recommend this one. You won't be disappointed.
DavidSky's Thoughts:
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I thought this book was well-written, but at times was a little too childish, like much of this series. Also, sometimes the main character was described in too much detail, so that I had problems identifying. The choices were well constructed, but sometimes different choices would lead to results that weren't always consistent with each other; there were also many unsatisfying endings and no real "epic" happy ending. Still, an above average CYOA book thanks to the writing. You can see my map of this book here.
Demian's Thoughts:
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This is an excellent mystery gamebook! The story is multifaceted enough that the book is highly replayable without becoming inconsistent. There are a lot of different paths through the book, but rather than contradicting each other, they instead each reveal a different part of the overall storyline. The book's setting is also used well, and interesting bits of information on Japanese culture are revealed throughout.
Good's Thoughts:
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I read this as Cup of Death.

A fun mystery! It goes light, and the woman is real weird. 5/10

Madeye's Thoughts:
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This was one of my favorites as a kid, and it didn't disappoint 15 years later. I haven't read it in a couple years, so I don't remember how the choices and endings unfold, but I just like the setting and subject matter. I've always enjoyed the ones that take you to a place that kids might not usually think about, like Japan, and especially with more adult themes, like crime rings.

I am curious as to why the new reissues released this under TWO titles... the original title and Cup of Death. It was odd to see them sitting next to each other on the shelf at Barnes and Noble. Does anyone know the story behind that?

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