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Freeway Fighter

Freeway Fighter (British cover)
(British cover)
Freeway Fighter (British cover)
(British cover)
Freeway Fighter (American cover)
(American cover)
Series:Fighting Fantasy #13
Fighting Fantasy Reissues (Series 1) #23
Contained In:Adventure Gamebox - A Thrilling Fighting Fantasy Collection
Translated Into:Az országút harcosa (Hungarian)
Boets na kolela (Bulgarian)
Le Combattant de l'autoroute (French)
Fantom ulice (Czech)
Furiiuei no senshi [フリーウェイの戦士] (Japanese)
O guerreiro das estradas (Portuguese)
El guerrero de la autopista (Spanish)
Author:Ian Livingstone
Illustrators:Jim Burns (cover)
Kevin Bulmer (interior)
Release Dates:March, 1985 (original)
January, 1986 (American edition)
September, 2005 (reissue)
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0140317104 / 9780140317107 (original)
0440927153 / 9780440927150 (American edition)
Length:380 sections
noonxnoon's Thoughts:
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I'll say it right off the bat... this book was quite fun!

It felt a mix of Mad Max, Road Warrior and Wasteland (the PC game).

You create your own stats as well as the stats for your car when vehicle combat would come into play... but to be honest... you could think of the car as a 'buddy' that fights some battles for you... but the design & concept was well done.

While you have one main mission, there is a side mission that develops as well, but if you chose to go another route early in the game, the secondary mission is not possible to complete.

The various car racing challenges were enjoyable. The smash-up race provided you a chance if you got bad skill or luck rolls... and another race gave you a sporting chance with die rolling for yourself and your competitor to make it to the finish. How the book designed the two different races made it fun to go through multiple times (due to restarting from the beginning).

There were plenty of interesting 'random' encounters... while stereotypical for the most part... I felt it was somewhat realistic for a post-apocalyptic type world of anarchy.

While you can avoid most combat, fighting various people or searching various areas might yield you something that could provide you an edge later in the book. Not mandatory items, as you still can get by if you didn't get them.

The helicopter might be a bit of a stretch, but hey... it was fun in the book... plus a clever way to get you to 'weaken' yourself!

Fighting 'Animal' was a big challenge... and it was gratifying to finally defeat him.

I spent about an hour during the weekday driving about exploring and mapping. I soon found out that fuel management was the key... such as mapping where all the refueling spots occurred, and then figuring out where I could possibly find fuel or equipment to be able to extract fuel elsewhere.

It was a fun puzzle in that aspect... but I have to admit... I had overlooked one fuel location and discovered it after looking at a walk-through map of the game.

The combat was decent with either hand to hand, weapon or vehicle combat.

This was my second Fighting Fantasy book, the first being House of Hell/Hades, and I recommend it to anyone interested in this type of story.

I found it to be colorful and imaginative. While I think Freeway Fighter has a relatively small amount of text, I can't think of how to expand upon the book without the reader feeling it was just padding.

Special Thanks:Thanks to Nicholas Campbell for the jagged-logo British cover scan.
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