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Space Assassin

Space Assassin (British cover)
(British cover)
Space Assassin (metallic logo text)
(metallic logo text)
Space Assassin (black logo text)
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Space Assassin (American cover)
(American cover)
Series:Fighting Fantasy #12
Translated Into:O assassino do espaço (Portuguese)
Espacio asesino (Spanish)
Kosmicheski ubiets [Космически убиец] (Bulgarian)
Le Mercenaire de l'espace (French)
Uchuu no ansatu-sha [宇宙の暗殺者] (Japanese)
Űr orgyilkos (Hungarian)
Vesmírný zabiják (Czech)
Author:Andrew Chapman
Illustrators:Christos Achilleos (original cover)
R. Courtney (American cover)
Geoffrey (Geoff) Senior (interior)
Release Dates:February, 1985 (original)
October, 1985 (American edition)
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0140318615 / 9780140318616 (original)
0440981492 / 9780440981497 (American edition)
Length:400 sections
Summary:When word reaches your planet that a mad scientist plans to release a horrific plague, you are the futuristic assassin hired to bring him to justice.
Fireguard's Thoughts:
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I have seen this book maligned more than once by other gamebook readers, but I've always had a bit of a soft spot for it. This was the first Fighting Fantasy book I read (though not the first) that broke from the swords and sorcery of what I had seen from the rest. Being able to trade in my enchanted sword for a blaster rifle and a bunch of grenades was a nice change of pace. It does feel awful random at times, like the use for the squirrel creature, but some atmospheres I rather liked, such as the world within the depths of the ship. Check it out.
nev's Thoughts:
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Just boring.

So apparently the guy who wrote this got all inspired by Warlock of Firetop Mountain (when it was the only FF available) and decided to write his own FF and eventually submitted it to be published. With that in mind, I guess it's not too bad.

But really, it's just a dungeon crawl, in many ways similar to WoFM - two separate corridors with side rooms that you duck in and out of; a fairly pointless detour to an alien landscape set out on a 6 by 6 grid and then a final corridor with some more rooms and traps.

The main problem with the book is the lack of story and the worst part is the ending. Defeat the baddie, turn to 400, and.... "Your mission is a success. Congratulations." That's it?

Map available here (PDF).

Special Thanks:Thanks to Fireguard for the plot summary, Nicholas Campbell for the jagged-logo British cover scan and Ben Nelson for the character sheet scan.
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