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Talisman of Death

Talisman of Death (British cover)
(British cover)
Talisman of Death (British cover)
(British cover)
Talisman of Death (American cover)
(American cover)
Series:Fighting Fantasy #11
Fighting Fantasy Reissues (Series 1) #24
Translated Into:Dødens amulet (Danish)
A haláltalizmán (Hungarian)
Shini-gami no kubi-kazari [死神の首飾り] (Japanese)
O talismã da morte (Portuguese)
O Talismã da Morte (Portuguese)
Le Talisman de la mort (French)
El talismán de la muerte (Spanish)
Der Talisman des Todes (German)
Talisman na smartta [Талисманът на смъртта] (Bulgarian)
Talisman smrti (Czech)
Authors:Mark Smith
Jamie Thomson
Illustrators:Peter Andrew Jones (original cover)
R. Courtney (American cover)
Bob Harvey (interior)
Release Dates:December 6, 1984 (original)
September, 1985 (American edition)
April, 2006 (reissue)
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0140318593 / 9780140318593 (British edition)
0440985153 / 9780440985150 (American edition)
Length:400 sections
Braxus's Thoughts:
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Talisman of Death is one of the last re-issues of Fighting Fantasy, but it was one of the first ones to be written.

Talisman is rather like The Lord of the Rings - you have the talisman, you must journey with it for the sake of the world. Ringwraith-like creatures are on your tail as well as a bunch of warrior women and whatnot.

It's fairly fun, but a little linear. I was enjoying it up until towards the end, when there is a ridiculously hard battle sequence - you must fight a Skill 12 priestess, then the best swordman around along with his sidekick and magical allies. And if you manage all that, then there is a good chance of a sudden death ending near the end.

In short, a decent FF gamebook - not the best, not the worst.

Special Thanks:Thanks to Nicholas Campbell for the jagged logo British cover scan.
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