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Islands of Terror

Islands of TerrorIslands of Terror
Series:Which Way Books #18
Authors:R. G. Austin (pseudonym used by multiple authors)
Rita Golden Gelman (uncredited)
Nancy Lamb (uncredited)
Illustrators:Paul Alexander (cover)
Joseph A. Smith (interior)
Release Date:February, 1985
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0671526367 / 9780671526368
Length:117 pages
Number of Endings:31
Summary:You discover strange worlds in the Bermuda Triangle after your cruise ship is destroyed.
Demian's Thoughts:
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This is another adventure made more interesting by unusual details - it has a visual puzzle and a language glossary for some mysterious creatures. These extras make the whole thing a bit more fun. Indeed, I recall going to the extra effort of exploring every single possible path of the book during my childhood. On an unrelated note, some may be interested to know that the price of this book was raised before the first printing sold out -- both copies pictured above are first editions, but look what's been done to the price of the one on the right!
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