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Journey Under the Sea

Journey Under the Sea (British hardback)
(British hardback)
Journey Under the SeaJourney Under the SeaJourney Under the Sea (book fair edition)
(book fair edition)
Journey Under the SeaJourney Under the Sea (school edition)
(school edition)
Journey Under the SeaJourney Under the Sea (hardback)
Journey Under the Sea (hardback)
Journey Under the Sea (reissue)
Journey Under the Sea (2005 reissue)
(2005 reissue)
Journey Under the Sea (Australian edition)
(Australian edition)
Journey Under the Sea (Australian edition)
(Australian edition)
Journey Under the Sea (reissue)
Series:The Adventures of You Series #2
Choose Your Own Adventure (1979-1998) #2
Choose Your Own Adventure (2005-) #2
Choose Your Own Adventure Reissues (Australian Versions) #2
Contained In:Choose Your Own Adventure Box Set 1
Translated Into:Auf der Suche nach Atlantis (German)
Avonture onder die see (Afrikaans)
Deniz altında macera (Turkish)
Gumshudah shahr kītalāsh (Urdu)
Hǎidǐ Qíyùjì [海底奇遇記] (Chinese)
Kaitei toshi no boken [海底都市の冒険] (Japanese)
Matka meren alla (Finnish)
Das Meer der 1000 Gefahren (German)
Mencari atlantis (Indonesian)
Pengembaraan di dasar laut (Malay)
Puteshestvie na dno morya [Путешествие на дно моря] (Russian)
Reis onder water (Dutch)
Viagem ao mundo submarino (Portuguese)
Viaggio sotto il mare (Italian)
Viaje al fondo del mar (Spanish)
Viaje bajo el mar (Spanish)
Viaje submarino (Spanish)
Viatge submarí (Catalan)
Voyage sous les mers (French)
Adapted Into:Journey to Atlantis (Graded Reader) (Gamebook)
Authors:Robert Mountain (pseudonym for R. A. Montgomery) (original)
R. A. Montgomery (reissue)
Illustrators:Barbara Carter (original artwork)
Paul Granger (pseudonym for Don Hedin) (original CYOA artwork)
Catherine Huerta (CYOA reissue cover)
Sittisan Sundaravej (2005 reissue)
Kriangsak Thongmoon (2005 reissue)
Marc McBride (Australian cover)
Release Dates:1977 (original)
1979 (paperback)
September, 1987 (hardback)
2005 (reissue)
2006 (Australian edition)
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0491024169 / 9780491024167 (British hardback)
0553127896 / 9780553127898
0553140035 / 9780553140033
0553209795 / 9780553209792
0553232290 / 9780553232295
0553273930 / 9780553273939
0942545044 / 9780942545043 (hardback)
1865049239 / 9781865049236 (Australian edition)
1933390026 / 9781933390024 (reissue)
Length:97 pages (British Adventures of You edition), 117 pages (original CYOA release)
Number of Endings:42
Summary:You are an undersea explorer in search of Atlantis.
barryattles's Thoughts:
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Rating: 2

The erratic R. A. Montgomery's very first entry in the series takes you deep underwater, where you discover some lost city. The story itself's pretty odd, with true random events as random as those generated by an fx-50 Casio Calculator. What's more, you easily get annihilated for no reason, and this is definitely not the best of R. A.'s works.

Demian's Thoughts:
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Although the writing is a little weak, this is a good gamebook. The mission to find Atlantis gives the reader a goal and sense of purpose, which generally makes these things a lot more fun.
Good's Thoughts:
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Wow! I love travelling undersea!

That's what I thought till I read it. If Montgomery didn't limit the pages, and put more undersea travel in instead, it'd be true to its name, "Journey Under the Sea!"

I thought you'd explore under water, meet sea creatures--the great stuff! But... it don't work that way!

But I still LOVE the randomness as you hope to find Atlantis. This is classic, original, and everything a Choose Your Own Adventure® should be. The title should be "Search for Atlantis," instead. 10/10

kleme's Thoughts:
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This book annoys me, since who or what the Atlanteans are changes depending on what plot you follow.
nev's Thoughts:
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This is very patchy. At first I thought it was quite decent - the choices and outcomes made sense for the first bunch of options I chose. But as I further explored every possible path it became apparent that a lot of it is totally inconsistent.

In a book like this you expect there to be an underlying setting and your choices are about your approach to that setting. In this book, the people you encounter often seem to be totally different - in one path a kingdom, in another the same people are a space-faring race, in another it's a secret lab. Maybe that's a valid approach but it takes away from the player's agency - it's just random stuff happening.

Stockton's Thoughts:
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This book has lots of R. A's trademark metaphysical mumbo-jumbo, but at least it isn't too off-the-wall bizarre like some of his other books. Journey is a weak book to be sure, but thankfully it's not a spectacularly bad one. It has enough redeeming features to make it readable as some of the adventures are actually interesting, but I still can't really recommend it.
Waluigi Freak 99's Thoughts:
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This book was pretty good. The writing could be better in some places, however, the adventures are usually pretty interesting. Something about this book, I liked, although I can't place my finger on it.
Special Thanks:Thanks to Ken G. for the British, Australian and Grey Castle Press cover scans.
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