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The Masters of Darkness

The Masters of Darkness (Beaver edition)
(Beaver edition)
The Masters of Darkness (American edition)
(American edition)
The Masters of Darkness (Red Fox edition)
(Red Fox edition)
Series:Lone Wolf #12
Platform:Web Browser
Contained In:The Masters of Darkness (reissue)
Translated Into:La Crépuscule des maîtres (French)
Die Herren der Dunkelheit (German)
Ketua kedurjanaan (Malay)
Mörkrets herrar (Swedish)
Páni temnot (Czech)
Scontro mortale (Italian)
Author:Joe Dever
Illustrators:Brian Williams (interior)
Brian Salmon (Beaver cover)
Peter Andrew Jones (Red Fox cover)
Release Dates:April 7, 1988 (original)
January 1, 2003 (Project Aon release)
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0099514001 / 9780099514008 (British editions)
0425117189 / 9780425117187 (American edition)
Length:350 sections
Number of Endings:21 (not including failure by loss of points)
Summary:When you return from the Daziarn, you discover that years have passed and the Darklords are on the verge of victory. Now is the time to take your long-awaited revenge!
Demian's Thoughts:
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For a long time, I thought this was truly the last book in the series -- I think many people have been under that impression in many places. In any case, I've waited for years to actually play out the last act of Lone Wolf's battle with the Darklords, and now that I have, I'm rather disappointed. Like the previous volume, this book has extremely long linear sequences without meaningful choices. Fortunately, the game balance is considerably better, with multiple ways out of some nasty situations, but this doesn't change the fact that the book really isn't especially exciting. There are a couple of good action sequences and a variety of monsters to fight, but there just isn't the sense of fun and potential that was so palpable in the first few volumes. Perhaps I'm just tired from having reviewed so many of these books in so short a time, but I think it's more likely that it was the author who was getting tired -- the increasing linearity as the series went on suggests a growing desire to just get the storyline over with. It's all kind of anticlimactic. Still, more than two thirds of the books so far were well worth the effort, and that's a good bit above average. I look forward to eventually filling some gaps in my collection and moving on to the next chapter in Lone Wolf's adventures. I sense that there are still good things to come.
Special Thanks:Thanks to Marcus Pearse for the Red Fox cover scan.
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