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The Kingdoms of Terror

The Kingdoms of Terror (Beaver edition)
(Beaver edition)
The Kingdoms of Terror (Beaver reissue)
(Beaver reissue)
The Kingdoms of Terror (American edition)
(American edition)
The Kingdoms of Terror (Red Fox edition)
(Red Fox edition)
Series:Lone Wolf #6
Platform:Web Browser
Contained In:The Kingdoms of Terror (reissue)
Translated Into:Alam gerun (Malay)
Königreich des Schreckens (German)
Království děsu (Czech)
Kyouryuu no oukoku [恐怖の王国] (Japanese)
Nel regno del terrore (Italian)
La piedra de la ciencia (Spanish)
La Pierre de la sagesse (French)
Skräckens länder (Swedish)
Stin hora tou tromou [Στη χωρα του τρόμου] (Greek)
Adapted Into:The Lorestone of Varetta (Novel)
Author:Joe Dever
Illustrators:Gary Chalk (interior)
Brian Salmon (Beaver cover)
Richard Corben (American cover)
Peter Andrew Jones (Red Fox cover)
Release Dates:November 14, 1985 (original)
December 3, 2000 (Project Aon release)
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0099444607 / 9780099444602 (British editions)
0425084469 / 9780425084465 (American edition)
Length:350 sections
Number of Endings:19 (not including failure by loss of points)
Summary:After three years of studying the Book of the Magnakai, you determine that you must discover an ancient artifact known as the Lorestone of Varetta.
Demian's Thoughts:
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This seems to me a rather minor entry in the series, but at the same time a milestone. It's minor in that its plot, despite involving an ancient artifact of great power, lacks much significance to the overall storyline of the series and features few memorable creatures, characters or encounters. It's a milestone, though, because it marks the beginning of the Magnakai series and introduces a couple of new rules features: the use of a bow and "Lore Circles," sets of disciplines that, when all attained, increase your Combat Skill and/or Endurance -- a nice touch, as it adds a further dimension to choosing abilities. This isn't a bad book, but it's my least favorite in the series so far. There are some nice touches in the forms of tricky ways to die (you really have to pay attention to certain details to avoid falling stupidly into traps) and recurring characters, but the mission consists mostly of wandering grim, mercenary-filled streets, and it gets tiresome fairly quickly. I'm glad to have this quest behind me and am ready to move on to the next adventure.
Special Thanks:Thanks to Tan Hong Kiat for the original Beaver cover scan, to Brett Easterbrook for the Beaver reissue scan, and Marcus Pearse for the Red Fox cover scan.
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