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Shadow on the Sand

Shadow on the Sand (Beaver edition)
(Beaver edition)
Shadow on the Sand (Beaver reissue)
(Beaver reissue)
Shadow on the Sand (Beaver reissue)
(Beaver reissue)
Shadow on the Sand (American edition)
(American edition)
Shadow on the Sand (Red Fox cover)
(Red Fox cover)
Series:Lone Wolf #5
Platform:Web Browser
Contained In:Shadow on the Sand (reissue)
Translated Into:Bayangan gurun (Malay)
Das Buch der Magnakai (German)
El desierto de las sombras (Spanish)
Ombre sulla sabbia (Italian)
Sajou no kage [砂上の影] (Japanese)
Senka na pesku (Serbo-Croatian)
Skies stin ammo [Σκίες στην άμμο] (Greek)
Skuggor i sanden (Swedish)
Stín na písku (Czech)
Le Tyran du désert (French)
Adapted Into:The Birthplace (Novel)
The Book of the Magnakai (Novel)
Author:Joe Dever
Illustrators:Gary Chalk (interior and original cover)
Richard Corben (American cover)
Peter Andrew Jones (Red Fox cover)
Release Dates:November 14, 1985 (original)
September 28, 2000 (Project Aon release)
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0099424908 / 9780099424901 (British editions)
042508440X / 9780425084403 (American edition)
Length:400 sections
Number of Endings:13 (3 in part one, 10 in part two; not including failure by loss of points)
Summary:You are sent on a peace mission to the desert empire of Vassagonia. Unfortunately, things don't remain peaceful for long....
Braxus's Thoughts:
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The final part of the Kai series, and if it isn't the best!

As Demian points out, the book is split into 2 sections which basically has no point at all, but then I think that the Caverns of the Snow Witch needed something like that... it's not fun to kill the "final" boss then slog around for another half a book.

The first half of the book, anyway, is amazing. As usual with Lone Wolf, the speed of the adventure is high and my course involved a high-paced escape through a town, running through sewers, buildings and the sort. The Middle-Eastern/North African theme is really well captured (Barrakeesh - Marrakesh, anyone?)

The second part of the adventure, however, is where the book really shines through. The escape continues, and a reunion with someone who you met in book #1 was a great idea. I won't spoil it anymore!

Obviously one of my favourite gamebooks, and you can play it online at Project Aon, so you don't even need to buy a printed copy.

Demian's Thoughts:
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This book seems to be something of an experiment; rather than having the usual 350 sections, it is instead divided into two 200-section parts. There doesn't really seem to be much point to this; although the American edition claims the book is a "super edition including two adventures," the two parts really aren't distinct adventures. Although both parts are the same length, the first part just feels like a comparatively trivial (but highly replayable) prologue to the action-packed second part. In any case, since this format was never used again, it can be assumed that the experiment was not a great success. The book itself, though, is a great success. As I said, the second half is genuinely exciting, with aerial battles, the return of an old friend and a final battle that could have been a little more detailed but which is nonetheless a genuinely satisfying close to the Kai portion of the series.
Special Thanks:Thanks to Tan Hong Kiat for the Beaver reissue cover scan and Ben Nelson for the Red Fox cover scan.
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