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The Chasm of Doom

The Chasm of Doom (Sparrow edition)
(Sparrow edition)
The Chasm of Doom (Beaver edition)
(Beaver edition)
The Chasm of Doom (Beaver reissue)
(Beaver reissue)
The Chasm of Doom (American edition)
(American edition)
The Chasm of Doom (Red Fox cover)
(Red Fox cover)
Series:Lone Wolf #4
Platform:Web Browser
Contained In:The Chasm of Doom (reissue)
Translated Into:O abismo da morte (Portuguese)
O abismo da perdição (Portuguese)
El Abismo maldito (Spanish)
L'altare del sacrificio (Italian)
Bezdnata na obrechenite [Бездната на обречените] (Bulgarian)
Domedagsklyftan (Swedish)
Le Gouffre maudit (French)
Jurang maut (Malay)
Ponor sudbine (Serbo-Croatian)
Rokle zkázy (Czech)
Schlacht über den Gräbern (German)
To katarameno pharanghi [Το καταραμένο φαράγγι] (Greek)
Unmei no kyoukoku [運命の峡谷] (Japanese)
Adapted Into:The Sacrifice of Ruanon (Novel)
Author:Joe Dever
Illustrators:Gary Chalk (interior and original cover)
Brian Salmon (Beaver reissue cover)
Richard Corben (American cover)
Peter Andrew Jones (Red Fox cover)
Release Date:February 28, 1985
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0099391805 / 9780099391807 (British editions)
0425084191 / 9780425084199 (American edition)
Length:350 sections
Number of Endings:14 (not including failure by loss of points)
Summary:A convoy of gold and gems has disappeared, as has the troop of cavalry sent to investigate the disappearance; you must find out what has happened to everyone.
Demian's Thoughts:
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Although I know I got as far as book ten when I played these as a child, my memory of the series kind of runs out with this volume. I approached it as if I had never played it before, and only the most dim of memories were revived as I went through it. Hopefully this will make my reviews a little more objective from this point on. In any case, like the last book, this is a good but relatively undistinguished entry in the series. The pacing is nice, with a mysterious but seemingly mundane mission growing into something of greater importance. Replay value is also good, with random numbers changing some aspects of the adventure and choices allowing other variations; I died a few times before succeeding in the quest, and each try was sufficiently different from the ones before it to keep me engaged. The book's biggest weakness, really, is the fact that it puts you in command of a group of men but never gives you a real feeling of control or even a sense of who it is that you're commanding. By offering more tactical decisions and by characterizing at least a few of the men being commanded, the book would have been somewhat stronger; this flaw aside, though, it's another good entry in a consistently above-average series.
Special Thanks:Thanks to Tan Hong Kiat for the Beaver reissue cover scan, Eric Hejdström for the Sparrow cover scan and Ben Nelson for the Red Fox cover scan.
Users Who Own This Item:aehalpin, Alarion, AlHazred, andrewholt, andyr, Aniline, Ardennes, B0N0V0X, Barker1952, Belgarath, BobaGabe, bookwormjeff (Beaver original, Berkley, French ed. Le Gourffre Maudit), brujeria!, casperthegoth (American), cayh_dilg, Crazyscotsman, CSquared, c_wickham (physical Sparrow edition + for Kindle), dArtagnan, dave2002a, dblizzard72, demon of the deep lt, desdichado66, devilsboy, Dirk Omnivore, Dronak (American), Ed, edwebb, EegahInc, egokun, Ffghtermedic, firaya, firefoxpdm, Gamebook, Gartax, Gibraltar, gnomeza (Red Fox), greyarea13, Gurvo (Beaver Orig.), Haoie, hoops4ever, Hugues, Ian2405, Icedlake (Sparrow), jr (Berkley), Jubal, juski, katzcollection (original Beaver and American editions), killagarilla, killagirilla, kinderstef, knginatl, Kojiro, le maudit, LordJR, Luke, Malthus Dire, marginal_space, marksmith, marnaudo, mattender, mir1812, mlvoss, mvstang, nelsondesign, NEMO (American edition), nerelax, nicolau (Spanish eds., Alfaguara & Timun Mas), nilhilius (American), Nomad, outspaced, Pessimeister (first beaver edition), peterm2, Pirrakas, Pseudo_Intellectual, redeyeball, redpiper05, rpatel1976 (sparrow), ryderark (Sparrow), Ryuran333 (Beaver Reissue), Sabreman (Sparrow), Salpynx (Sparrow), Sir Olli (UK & US), sireeyore (Sparrow), smdiabla, snakefire77 (beaver reissue), spragmatic (US), StagQuests (Sparrow), Superfro, Tamerlane1396, ThaRid (2 copies - one Sparrow; one American), Threepwud, Treguard, Tremendez, truce57, twar, TWolf, Virtua Sinner, wonderfly, xinuz, Yalius, zat
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Users with Extra Copies:andyr: US Berkeley
Dronak: American -- one number penned in on sheet, spine cracked; generally good
Pirrakas: Berkley
redpiper05: Beaver, very good cond.
Sir Olli: Red Fox
sireeyore: American
twar: 1 copy beaver edition w/pencil markings

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