Books Illustrated by John Blanche


  1. The Shamutanti Hills
Author: Steve Jackson (UK)
Illustrators: John Blanche (original cover and interior), Mel Grant (reissue cover)
First Published: 1983
Reissued: February, 2003 (as Fighting Fantasy #9)
ISBN: 0 14 00.6794 9 (original edition), 1-84046-430-5 (reissued edition)
Length: 456 sections
Number of Endings: 20 (not including death by Stamina loss)
Plot Summary: You set off on a mission to recover the Crown of Kings, a vitally important magic item which has been stolen by an evil Archmage.
Translations: Danish, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Spanish
My Thoughts: This is an excellent gamebook. It's a nice level of difficulty; it may take many tries to get through, but there are enough areas to explore that on each try you're likely to discover something new. As a result, the book is very successful in preventing its reader from getting bored. The sections of the book are extremely short, a fact which may be viewed as a flaw. This brevity is what allows the book to have such a diversity of paths, however, so I can't criticize it on those grounds.

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